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With more and more buildings with steel structure as the main structure, various types of steel structure buildings and various steel structure materials have been derived. Steel structure warehouses are very convenient for some warehouses that require large-scale machine production. The steel structure workshop has a large span and wide space, which can meet the requirements of the production workshop.

Key points of color steel tile roof engineering control for steel structure warehouses:

1.Due to the large slope of the roof and a large number of ridges, the elevation of the roof ridge beam, cornice, start and endpoints of the watershed must be accurately controlled during the construction process; for, slope shadow line, slope sun angle line, cornice line, The positioning of the corner points and the starting and ending points of the watershed must be accurate; when scaffolding is set up and removed, construction safety should be paid attention to, and the construction should be carried out normally.

2. The slope of the roof is relatively large. During the grassroots treatment and tile installation, the workers must be strictly informed about the safety technology and take safety protection measures.

3. Strictly control the arrangement of the color steel tiles. The internal corners, external corners, end tiles and the junction with the roof structure must be handled well to prevent water leakage

4. Safety guardrails and safety nets or other protective measures to prevent falling must be installed around the roof and reserved holes.

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