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The application of light steel structure construction at home and abroad is becoming more and more popular, and light steel construction has an absolute advantage in the construction market. my country has also made a strong response and concern, and has received policy and technical support and affirmation from relevant government departments.

Light steel villas have also become popular, so what are the reasons why PTH light steel villas are favored by consumers?

1. Stable structural performance

The light steel villa is believed to be light in weight. The properties of metal materials and the necessary structure of the shear wall determine the natural seismic performance of the light steel structure system. All the screws and fasteners used in the light steel villas are combined together to form a very safe and stable residential structure, which prevents the wall and floor from collapsing due to vibration, and excellently protects the safety of people’s lives and property, and its stability The performance greatly improves the use of light steel market share.

2. The construction price is low

The construction cost of the light steel villa is saved and the construction is convenient. The comprehensive cost of light steel villas is much lower than the cost of traditional houses. And with the development of technology, it may decrease again in the next few years. The steel in the light steel villa also has the functions of heat preservation, water release and fire protection, and the comprehensive economic indicators are far lower than the traditional reinforced concrete structure.

3. Short construction period

The on-site construction of light steel villas mainly adopts dry construction method, which will not cause water waste and is also conducive to civilized construction. The steel structural components of professional light steel villas have been mechanized in the factory, and they can be installed and dismantled directly on site, reducing the construction period. Compared with buildings of the same area, the construction period has been shortened by nearly half.

Through the above description, it is not difficult to see that light steel villas have occupied the mainstream construction market, and their economic advantages are very comparable and attractive to traditional reinforced concrete houses. In the crowded and noisy city life, more and more people are beginning to pursue a quiet and comfortable villa life. Light steel villas are a particularly good choice.

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