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Structural optimization design analysis of prefabricated buildings

1. Design Process Optimization

Prefabricated buildings need to pay attention to the impact of structural design on factory production and assembly construction while considering functional requirements. The design of a prefabricated building needs to cover the entire process, from component production to transportation, assembly, and construction requirements. In the design stage, it is necessary to optimize the components design, splitting, etc., to ensure the close connection of the assembly construction in the design, production and construction process, to form a complete process flow; in the design of the drawings, the feasibility of the plan As a premise, the design of each component of the building assembly structure is refined, the prefabricated component production process is optimized, the site management difficulty and construction difficulty are reduced, and the construction cost is reduced.

2. Design System Optimization

The optimization of the design system is mainly to establish a standard design system. Standardize the building type module and the traffic nuclear module, give full play to the economic and functional requirements of the building, reduce the types of structural members of the floor and the external wall, and greatly improve the construction efficiency of the assembled building. In terms of the building type module, under the premise of ensuring the accurate and rea

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