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Why do so many people choose PTH?

PTH brand was established in 1998. With its over 20 years of experience in the industry and large mature supply chain including raw materials, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom fixtures & accessories, furniture and other auxiliary items. PTH will conduct quality assurance assessment to these suppliers, which will assure our customers the most economical, reliable and long lasting materials. When required, PTH can offer materials with CE, UL, SAA certification.

PTH maintains its product advancement ever since the company’s establishment, further enhancing product quality in order to gain customers’ trust in PTH’s products. Keeping customers’ consideration in mind, PTH always standby customers’ side to assure their need and satisfaction are met.

All PTH products pass the most stringent testing procedure, code and standards and testing methodology.

Product QC management procedures:

• Outsourcing raw material: verify material specification, dimensions and appearance.

• Product inspection: workers inspection at station, QC team random inspection.

• Product inventory inspection (logistic packaging): ensure customers’ request and specification are met.

• After sales and Follow up: analysis QC problem and its causes, and remedial work and result.

PTH product has followed industry standards in Canada, France, New Zealand and other developed countries. PTH satisfies company certifications from BV, SGS, CE, CWB, and ISO 9001 QC control system.

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