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The type of Steel Structure Buildings

In civil engineering, steel structure is widely used. Due to the use of function and structure of different ways, there are many different kinds of steel structure, form each different buildings, for example,steel structure Workshop building, High-rise steel structure building, Large span steel space frame construction, cable structure building, etc. On the highway and railway, there are various types of steel bridge, such as plate girder bridge, bridge, arch bridge, suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridge etc. The steel tower and steel mast is widely used for transmission line tower, television and radio towers. In addition,there are offshore oil platform frame steel structure and satellite launch tower etc.

Construction of Steel Structure Buildings

Despite all of these steel structure form each are not identical, but they are made by steel plate and section steel in variety of basic building members.Such as rod , beams, columns and truss, etc., and then the basic building member in a certain way by welding and bolt connection structure.

Single-layer house under vertical load and horizontal load (wind and crane braking force, etc.). Truss and Column form a series of plane bearing structure, the main gravity loads and lateral horizontal load. The flat bearing structure with longitudinal components and all kinds of support , between law and column space together as a whole, ensure that the entire structure in every direction space become a geometric invariant system.

Single-layer plane bearing structure of the building in addition to use of truss and column can also consists of the solid abdomen beam and column framework or arch.Framework and can be made three hinged arch, two-hinged hingeless, can also use the truss arch span.

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