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How much do you know about light steel frame?

I. Comments by light steel frame:

Light steel villa house is also called light steel house. Its main data are steel structure supplemented by internal and external wall structural panels and thermal insulation data. Because its main structure is mainly portal steel frame, its construction is based on portal steel frame. On the whole, the light steel residence has been recognized by all walks of life for its simplicity and sprightliness.

II. Sources of light steel frame:

In order to deal with the housing shortage problem, some European countries have chosen highly industrialized steel structure construction systems and created many residences, forming a batch of intact and standardized steel structure residence systems, which continue to this day. In Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France and other countries, all kinds of steel structure construction systems have become very widespread. During this period, Sweden's steel structure, especially light steel structure, is the most prosperous, with 95% of prefabricated light steel structure residential buildings. Together, it is also the largest light steel structure residential building country in the world, and its production is supplied to European countries.

Three, light steel frame design instructions:

Light steel frame uses an integrated method to provide one-stop service from structural design, production of main materials, on-site assembly, installation and interior decoration. The structural method of our house is different from the traditional brick-concrete and steel mix. The light steel integrated house is built like building blocks, and the center links of the supports of the house are all made of rivets. The traditional building methods are concrete and brick-concrete structure. The two building methods have long construction time, large energy consumption, poor energy conservation and environmental protection, poor appearance plasticity, poor earthquake resistance and wind resistance. The construction method of light steel house is evolved from light wood structure in North America and ultra-light steel structure in Australia. Wood structure and ultra-light steel structure are the same in technology and structure. The difference is that the raw material is changed from wood to ultra-light special steel. Why is it special steel? Because this kind of steel is different from ordinary Q235 and 345 Galvanized steel strip in the market, the yield strength of this kind of steel reaches 550 MPa, the surface layer is thickened with Aluminum and Zinc Plating treatment, and the content of Aluminum and Zinc Plating is more than 150-180 grams per square meter, which is higher and more consolidated than that of wood and ordinary steel, because the content of Aluminum and Zinc Plating is high, and the corrosion resistance durability is higher, which can reach 100 years.

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