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Low cost prefab house fully demonstrated the creativity of architects

One of the biggest factors that can restrict or constrain a project is the budget. Low budget requires architects to make more efforts to ensure the quality of the whole project. Since the construction budget of most houses is lower than the requirements of architects, we think it is necessary to discuss several outstanding cases in which architects have fully demonstrated the creativity of architects by creating high-quality solutions to solve the "problems" of low budget.

The following is an introduction to these low cost prefab houses.

1. Casa Vila Matilde residence in sã o paulo/terraetuma arquitos associados

At the beginning of 2014, the residential building became even more dilapidated and crumbling. For this reason, Ms. Dalva who lives here can only rent the house of her relatives in inside. The renovation of the old house must be stepped up, otherwise she will soon use up all her savings. According to our latest experience, we have transformed the original building into a low-cost residential building with accurate design and good flexibility.

2.Bovero residence/German Müller

The tight budget allowed the architect to decide not to carry out exterior wall decoration after completion, but to display all kinds of building materials during construction. These materials determine the color and texture of the building, which also shows the stealth technology in this process.

3.Casa dos Caseiros self-built house/24.7 arquitetura design

"Casa dos Caseiros" residential project is the first private order project built for social benefit residential projects, and many such projects will be built in some cities in Rio de Janeiro state.

4.House in La Prosperina residential project/Fabrica Nativa Arquitectura

Due to limited budget, we have made great determination to use some recycled materials in the construction of the project. We re-used the original 4.80m× 5.50m building: roof, sanitary facilities, three flour in four flour The Wall, bathroom, half floor made of wood and particleboard.

5.Gutter House slum/Nú cleo de Arquiteta Expemental

After the site was selected, the biggest challenge we encountered was how to overcome the limitations of Brazilian residential buildings, such as the "My Life, My Home" housing plan in Minha Casa Minha Vida, etc., which enabled these new houses to have modern architectural concepts, functions, technologies and aesthetic qualities. However, the low cost requires more dexterity in the construction of houses, and the choice of building materials and new building technologies are used to optimize the internal space.

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