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Prefabricated houses comply with the same strict legal requirements as traditional houses

New Waverley Street house trucked in and constructed in eight hours. Bicyclists in the area stop to watch as construction worker use a large crane to hoist and install a prefab housing price on Waverley Stree.

A crane lowers the third of six prefabricated house pieces onto the concrete foundation on Wavelery Street in Palo Alto where a home was replaced in eight hours.

While images of trailer parks with shoddy construction and design may come to mind when people hear the word "prefabricated," today's pre-built homes are anything but. Prefabs are required by law to adhere to the same stringent requirements as conventionally-built homes, and many home builders are using state-of-the art design and construction methods.

"Prefabrication is a more predictable way to build," said tobylongdesign's CEO Toby Long. "The building is designed and specified completely before the construction process starts, which is not how conventional projects go. Prefab also can be faster than conventional building. We overlap the building and the site work with construction. It can happen simultaneously."

The Waverley home only took a matter of months from the moment the homeowners decided to build to move-in day. Most conventional home builds can take more than a year to complete, Long added.

Long also surmises that there's a growing interest from consumers and sees prefabricated buildings as not only part of the future of construction, but as part of the present. I think that prefab is going to become part of our mainstream construction language.

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