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The Steel Structure Platform has Various Forms, Complete Functions and Extensive Uses

In the process of the steel structure engineering construction, steel structure platform with the advantage of variety of forms, complete functions, widely used, the biggest feature is fully assembled structure,design flexibility.

Can be designed and produced according to different site conditions meet the requirements.

1. Layout of steel structure platform

1) Confirm the layout of plane size, elevation, beam net and column net. In addition to meeting the use requirements, equipment load and other heavy concentrated loads shall be considered in the layout of beams and columns.

And large-diameter industrial hanging pipes.

2) The structural arrangement of the platform shall be economical and reasonable, and direct force transmission shall be clear. The beam net layout shall conform to the span. When the beam span is large, the spacing shall also be increased to make full use of the allowable span. Reasonable arrangement of beams to achieve good economic results.

3) meet the requirements of process operation, ensure the access and operation, the total clear height of the access shall not be less than 1.8M, guardrails shall be set around the platform, and the height of the guardrails shall be 1m. when the height of the platform exceeds 2M, 100-150mm skirting boards shall be set under the handrails. The width of the upper and lower access ladders shall not be less than 600mm, and platforms shall be provided.

2. Composition and classification of steel structure platforms

1) Composition: Steel structure platform usually consists of planking, primary and secondary beams, upright posts, upright post supports, stairs and handrails.

2) Classification: Steel structure platforms can be divided into internal and external platforms, platforms bearing static and dynamic loads, auxiliary production platforms and medium and heavy-duty operation platforms according to the use requirements.

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