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Structural houses also played a good role in the earthquake

Earthquake is inevitable. If there is some prevention measures on the design of buildings, it can reduce disasters. Experts confirmed to prevent the earthquake disaster usually request on big architectural spacing. The more wide spacing, the more possiblities of reducing risk of damages for people and material resources due to building collapse. The buildings besides the street or road required wider space. According to the seismic standards formulated by the state, it should stay the 4.5 meters emergency evacuation channel after building collapses to avail personnel evacuation. Inside the building, it also should have appropriate evacuation space to convenient evacuation nearby.

In fact, if make lawn on the super wide space between buildings, it can be as temporary refuge when happen earthquake. The green landscape not only has green and clean function,but also can take refuge. Once a big earthquake in Japan, the people who were inside is rare survival but the people on the green lawn outdoors mostly survived.

Considering the house structure, it’s better buy the steel structure house. Steel structure house is mainly made of steel structure, which is one of the main building structure type. The characteristic of steel is high strength, light dead weight, good stiffness. And because of good material homogeneity and toughness, it can have large deformation, well under dynamic loading, and has the very good aseismatic ability.

Also, some frame structure housing is with good shock asistance. Frame structure, is the reinforced concrete casting into bearing beam, composing skeleton,and then reoccupying hollow brick or prefabricated aerated concrete light plate for individual partition and assembly into the house. This kind of structure is using beam and column as bearing, its beam, column and floor is cast in situ. The structure of the building can change with the customer will. In situ house is with high seismic degree and better water proofing property. At present, high-rise residential building structure is mainly using this approach.

There’s another kind of frame shear structure housing of the frame structures, also known as the frame – shear wall structure. It is the combination of frame structure and shear wall structure, drawing on their respective strengths. It can provide greater space for building layout and also has good lateral force resisting performance. The structurial housing is also playing a good role in the seismic.

Except the house building structure, earthquake also has a very big relations with apartment. Jump layer, double entry and wrong layer family houses are with incomparable advantage in living comfortable and beautiful degree, but from aseismatic ability terms, flat layer house has best earthquake-resistance ability.

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