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DESCRIPTION : In daily life, the use of various electrical appliances can effectively improve the quality of life of everyone, and also provide convenience for people's lives, such as vacuum cleaners. However, vacuum cleaners need effective work, which requires various parts. The new design expandable hose is one of its components, so what is the reason for the popularity of this hose? How to maintain it in use? Let us see the introduction below. Reasons for the popularity of new design expandable hoses: This product is not only used in the vacuum cleaner, but also used in industrial production, and it plays a big role, mainly because its surface is smooth and delicate, and the inhaled dust is not directly absorbed on the inner wall of the pipe. Finally, it can flow directly into the storage bag, which makes the finishing very convenient. The quality of the hose used in the industry is very good, not only can be used in the process of use, but also has a long service life, which is related to its durable characteristics, thus maximizing industrial production. Benefits, therefore remind everyone here, when buying this product, we must find a regular manufacturer, because such manufacturers not only have high-end production processes, but also have a complete production process and quality inspection process, they produce products Can let everyone feel at ease. Maintenance methods for new design expandable hoses: In fact, whether it is a vacuum cleaner used in the home or an industrial vacuum cleaner, it needs to transport dust and garbage through the hose to the garbage can in the process of running, so the hose must have good elasticity and can guarantee high pressure. It has strong wear resistance under high speed operation. Under such conditions, as the use time increases, the inside of the hose will be very dirty. If it is ignored at this time, it will affect the transportation of the waste and cause the hose to clog. Therefore, the process should be cleaned frequently. The cleaning method is very simple. It only needs to be flushed with the tap to the hose. After the flushing is completed, it needs to be dried and used. This can avoid the influence of the vacuum cleaner. This is the reason why the new design hose is popular. It not only has its own powerful advantages, but also helps the vacuum cleaner to operate effectively, providing users with the most convenient conditions for use. Of course, I would like to remind you that the new design expandable hose can be designed. The presence is very important. If the hose is damaged during use, it should be replaced in time. More information about new design expandable hose can be found at