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Trustworthy Rice Exporters in India

Amoli International is a trusted supplier of rice based in India, catering to both domestic and international markets. Specializing in Basmati rice, we export a variety of high-quality rice to countries worldwide. Basmati rice is renowned globally for its exquisite flavor, long grains, distinct aroma, and fluffy texture, making it a staple in diverse cuisines and a favorite for various dishes.

Among our top varieties, Basmati rice such as the 1121 and 1509 are highly sought-after. The ?1121 Basmati rice is celebrated for its long grains and exceptional aroma, while the 1509 Basmati rice is known for its slender grains and superior cooking characteristics. Both varieties add richness and flavor to every meal, particularly enhancing dishes like Biryani.

we ensure the highest quality standards in our rice production and export processes. Our commitment to quality control, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction has established us as a reliable partner for importing the finest Basmati rice from India.

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