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Today we are going to talk about durable bungee hose.

Specification of expandable hose:

1. Specifications: Under natural water pressure, it can be extended to 3 times the length.

2. Material: double natural latex (6 x 10 mm), brass fittings.

3.Colth: polyester fiber 2500D/3300D/3750D

4. Packaging: color box

5. Service: 1000 times, about 2 years

Advantages of Expandable Hoses:

Never twist, tangle or kink.

Super rugged but ultra light.

When the water is turned on, it will automatically expand to 3 times the original length.

When the water is turned off, it automatically shrinks within a few seconds.

Made of high pressure resistant and durable latex 6 * 10mm.

The expansion hose is easy to store and install in a compact storage location, and the expansion hose is also very durable. Other garden hoses will burst and leak over time. The expansion hose is resistant to weather and abrasion.

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