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What are the precautions for beer cooler cart transportation:

(1) When loading beer, follow the principle of handling with care. Avoid the beer being squashed and crushed.

(2) Light: Beer should be protected from direct sunlight and not exposed to the sun, because beer is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet rays in the sun. Ultraviolet rays through the bottle wall can accelerate the oxidation of beer, destroy the stability of beer, and produce turbidity and precipitation. In order to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet rays in the sun, beer should be packaged in brown beer bottles or aluminum cans with low ultraviolet transmittance.

(3) Temperature: Only wine should not be transported at high temperatures, nor can it be transported at too low temperatures. If the transportation temperature is too high or too low, it will directly destroy the beer's color, aroma, taste, foam and other wine styles. Different types of beer have different temperature requirements for transportation. The storage temperature of canned beer should be controlled between 6℃-25℃, 15℃ is the best.

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