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How has the coverage for medical malpractice insurance evolved for doctors in India from January to April 2024

Here are the key updates on how medical malpractice insurance coverage for doctors in India has evolved from January to April 2024:

Increased Sum Assured: Malpractice insurance policies now offer higher sum assured coverage, with options up to ₹1 crore to provide doctors with greater financial protection against liability claims.

Affordable Premiums: Malpractice insurance premiums have become more economical, starting as low as ₹9,440 for a ₹50 lakh coverage, making it more accessible for doctors.

Comprehensive Coverage: Malpractice insurance plans now provide broader coverage, including protection against losses due to defamation, breach of confidentiality, and other professional risks faced by doctors.

Faster Claims Settlement: Insurance providers have streamlined the claims process, allowing for quicker and hassle-free settlements for doctors facing malpractice allegations.

Mandatory Coverage: In some Indian states, it has become mandatory for doctors to have medical malpractice insurance before they can start practicing, ensuring better protection for both doctors and patients.

These changes introduced by insurance companies and regulators from January to April 2024 have aimed to make medical malpractice insurance more accessible, affordable, and comprehensive for doctors in India, addressing their evolving needs and the rising number of liability claims.

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