How to put air purification activated carbon

  • Carrie Ge
    December 10, 2020

    1. Placement: The key placement places are indoor pollution sources and places where people often move.

    ——Source of indoor pollution: various decoration materials, including many furniture made of composite panels, such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bookcases, kitchen cabinets, etc. granular activated charcoal coconut Therefore, these places should be the focus of attention to prevent excessive diffusion of harmful gases such as formaldehyde.

    —— Places where people often move: Places where we often move around at home, such as computers, sofas, dining tables, bedsides, etc., should be placed in focus. It's better to be closer to people when it is released, so that the protective effect on our body is stronger.

    ——Other places where air needs to be purified: Don’t ignore other places, because those toxic gases can run around at any time, just put a little activated carbon.

    1. Placement height: There is no need to consider this item in the cabinet, but it will be better to pay attention to this point in other places, and it is better to place it within 180 cm. coal powdered activated carbon Because formaldehyde is more important than air, it will sink below, but it is not at the bottom, probably just as high as a person.

    1. Regular exposure: usually half a month, you have to go to the sun for a few hours to free up a part of the space, so you can reuse it again.