The effect of iodine value on the quality of activated carbon

  • Carrie Ge
    December 18, 2020
    The concept of iodine value is explained by Baidu Baike: the degree of unsaturation of organic compounds. Used on the columnar activated carbon can directly reflect the adsorption of the columnar activated carbon. Simply put, the higher the iodine value, the larger the voids of the activated carbon and the stronger the adsorption, and vice versa. So what effect does iodine value have on the quality of columnar activated carbon?

    In order to better understand the impact of iodine value on the columnar activated carbon, our columnar activated carbon manufacturer takes the water treatment project as a case for specific analysis.

    Water treatment plants need to use columnar activated carbon to absorb impurities in the water. carbon powder for sale If we use high-absorptive activated carbon with an iodine value of 800 or more for filtration, then the high-absorptive activated carbon with the same amount of water will filter out higher quality. The water quality will be significantly higher than the columnar activated carbon with low iodine value.

    If it is the same amount of columnar activated carbon, the amount of filtered water is much higher than that of general adsorbent activated carbon. This also tells us from the side that the efficiency and quality of high-quality columnar activated carbon will be higher, and it is a type of high investment and high return. And activated carbon can be reused, not a disposable product, generally, we can continue to use it through the sun or drying. If it is used too much, it can be sold as waste charcoal.

    Of course, the requirements of columnar activated carbon used in each industry are different. Some chemical water treatment industries do not need to use activated carbon with a high iodine value to complete their work needs. Therefore, columnar activated carbon manufacturers do not need so high iodine columnar activated carbon. To increase costs.

    For our daily use, the higher the iodine value, the better the effect of columnar activated carbon, not only in daily household scale removal, fish tank water purification, new furniture formaldehyde air purification effect is more significant, the industrial use is also higher quality The activated carbon effect will be better.