How to modify sintered alumina powder

  • Carrie Ge
    December 28, 2020
    Alumina powder has a high melting point, excellent mechanical strength, hardness, high resistivity and thermal conductivity, and can be widely used in electronic equipment, thermally conductive polymer materials, structural ceramics, refractory materials, wear-resistant materials, polishing materials, etc. industry. The following briefly introduces several applications of alumina powder and the corresponding modification methods.

    Nano-alumina promotes the sintering of the alumina ceramic membrane support.wholesale aluminium oxide The alumina ceramic membrane support is a ceramic body made of α-alumina powder and a structural material made by high-temperature sintering.

    Alpha-alumina basically needs to be sintered at 1700℃, which consumes a lot of energy. Although the sintering temperature can be reduced by adding some low-temperature raw materials, low-temperature sintering basically uses liquid phase sintering, and the liquid phase material is accumulated on the neck of the alumina particles. The strength is not high, so that the overall strength of the sintered body is significantly reduced.

    The principle of nano alumina promoting sintering:

    The principle of promoting sintering of nano-alumina is to form a layer of nano-scale aluminum hydroxide sol on the surface of alumina particles by solvothermal method, and then form a layer of nano-alumina coating on the surface of alumina powder after low-temperature pre-sintering. The sintering of the aluminum coating promotes the growth of the neck between the alumina particles and realizes the sintering of the ceramic membrane support without introducing other impurities.