Correct use of columnar activated carbon

  • Carrie Ge
    Jan 12
    The columnar activated carbon can remove harmful substances in the water with the help of its adsorption capacity. More importantly, the columnar activated carbon can also reduce the quality damage caused by water pollution. wholesale activated charcoal powder Compared with other water purification methods, the columnar activated carbon has the characteristics of long use time and low cost. Even in the water purification process, no chemicals that endanger people's health will be produced. Therefore, columnar activated carbon has been widely recognized by people and is widely used in water purification treatment.

    Columnar activated carbon will lose carbon powder more or less, which is normal. Generally, after we buy the cylindrical activated carbon, we have to clean it once. The water for cleaning the columnar activated carbon is preferred to pure water, because the tap water contains calcium, magnesium and other substances, which will be absorbed by the columnar activated carbon. If you use tap water, clean it to wash off the charcoal powder on the surface. Do not wash for too long, so as not to allow the columnar activated carbon to absorb too much calcium and magnesium in the water.

    Putting it in the filter tank is also particular, the placement method is: filter cotton (two layers)-biochemical cotton-columnar activated carbon-glass ring-filter cotton (two layers).

    The columnar activated carbon should be replaced once a month or so, because the columnar activated carbon has lost its effect due to the absorption of too much debris. There is a way to restore the failed columnar activated carbon, which is to boil the columnar activated carbon in water, which can restore the absorption of the columnar activated carbon, but the columnar activated carbon should not be reused many times. It is recommended to replace the columnar activated carbon at least once every two months. .