What is air purification charcoal

  • Carrie Ge
    Jan 12
    Columnar activated carbon for air purification is made from high-quality anthracite coal and refined with advanced technology. Activated carbon is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb-shaped amorphous carbon, and there are also regular crystalline carbon.

    In addition to carbon, activated carbon also contains two types of admixtures: one is chemically combined elements, mainly oxygen and hydrogen, these elements are left in the carbon due to incomplete carbonization, or in the activation process, foreign Non-carbon elements are chemically combined with the surface of activated carbon; another type of admixture is ash, which is the inorganic part of activated carbon, and ash in activated carbon is likely to cause secondary pollution.

    Activated carbon is widely used in production and life due to its strong adsorption. powdered carbon bulk Coal-based activated carbon is developed through a series of processes such as carbonization → cooling → activation → washing. Its appearance is generally black cylindrical activated carbon, unshaped coal granular activated carbon, also known as broken carbon.

    The shape of the columnar activated carbon is black columnar particles. It has the characteristics of reasonable pore structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy repeated regeneration and low cost. Air purification coal columnar activated carbon is used for the purification of toxic gases, the treatment of waste gas, the purification of industrial and domestic water, and the recovery of solvents.

    Air purification coal columnar activated carbon is a porous carbonaceous material with a highly developed pore structure and is an excellent adsorbent. The adsorption area of coal columnar activated carbon per gram of purified air is equivalent to the adsorption area of 8 tennis courts.

    Adsorption is achieved through two ways: physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.activated carbon pellets for sale In addition to carbon, this component also contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and ash, and its structure is composed of six carbon rings. Due to the irregular arrangement of the six ring carbons, the coal columnar activated carbon for coal column air purification has the characteristics of porous volume and high specific surface area.