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The Revolution of Metal Flattening: Roller Levelers

  • The Revolution of Metal Flattening: Roller Levelers
    In the world of metal processing, achieving absolute flatness is a critical aspect. This is where the role of roller levelers comes into play. Roller levelers, such as the Bradbury Precision Roller Levelers, GEORG Roller Leveler, and B&K Levelers3, have revolutionized the industry with their advanced technology and efficient performance.Get more news about Roller Leveler,you can vist our website!

    Roller levelers are designed to deliver absolute flatness by neutralizing stress in metal sheets. They work by passing a sheet metal part through a series of alternating bends, shaping the material in such a way that the finished result is flat and stress-relieved4. The lower the residual stress in a sheet metal part, the better the results during subsequent production steps such as welding, bending, or folding4.

    Bradbury introduced hydraulic leveling in the mid-980s, and since then, Bradbury Hydraulic Roller Levelers have become some of the most versatile and efficient metal flattening machines available. They minimize adjustments by moving only the lower portion of the leveler, using brute hydraulic force to neutralize stress while delivering a premium quality product day after day.

    GEORG’s high-performance roller leveler includes integrated, fully and semi-automatic changing systems. Their sets of leveling rollers have a six-high or four-high design, depending on requirements. The change cassettes are easy to install and remove, extending the leveling range due to different diameters of the leveling rollers.

    B&K Levelers are another perfect solution to problems posed by coil set, cross bow, wavy edge, and center buckled material3. B&K Precision Levelers, with standard 4-high and optional 5- or 6-high roll arrangements, compensate for “draw” in roll forming applications and eliminate “dished” stampings common in stamping processes3.

    In conclusion, roller levelers have brought about a significant change in the metal processing industry. They have made it possible to achieve absolute flatness in metal sheets, improving the quality of the final product. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more improvements and efficiency in roller levelers.

      September 27, 2023 12:45 AM MDT