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      May 7, 2020 7:31 PM MDT
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    Note: These power rankings are based off the last month of major events (any event with five of the top 10 teams) but will be weighted towards more recent results. Garry Gilliam Jersey .NORTH AMERICA1. Kings of Urban Kings of Urban take the top spot in our first power rankings with impressive results over Exodus, Retrospect, Genesis, Lucky Bounce, and Goomba Squad. The Kings are the top seed for North America going into the Rocket League Championship Series Live Finals LAN, and if they continue this form it is not hard to see why. Player to watch: Jacob Jacob McDowell.2. Exodus Exodus is a top team in the world and a top team in North America, and yet its shoveled into the number two spot simply due to its inability to beat Kings of Urban. Going into the finals, Exodus certainly looks like a top contender from North America.3. iBUYPOWER COSMIC iBPs is the story of a team that has lost its best player, yet looks ready and confident to continue with a very high level of gameplay. Coming into the finals as a dark horse, iBP will need to make magic happen to cover the loss of Gambit from its roster. Player to watch: Cameron Kronovi Bills.4. Mock-it NA Mock-its North American Division seemed to be on a roll of sorts earlier this month with wins over nearly every single team in these rankings; however, its faltered recently with less-than-stellar results in the past couple of weeks. Still undeniably a top four team, Mock-it looks likely to be a top contender in any tournament.5. Genesis Genesis is the fourth and final team going to the International Finals from North America, but its had a small fall from grace since qualifying. Due to recent losses to Goomba, iBP, and Mock-it NA at tournaments like Rocket Royale, it placed just outside the top four in these rankings. As it is still an incredibly solid team, Genesis could rise back to the top at any time.6. Momentum Momentum is perhaps the most in-form team on the power rankings right now. Seemingly appearing from nowhere a month ago, it has taken the scene by storm with big wins over Lucky Bounce, Kings of Urban, Goomba, Retrospect, and iBP. Its record hasnt been spotless, however; its dropped some sets to teams ranked below it such as Goomba and 2EZ as well as some teams above it such as Exodus. Still, Momentum is the team to watch, and in the next edition of our rankings it could be vying for a top two spot. Player to watch: Chris Dappur Mendoza.7. Foresight Foresight as a team has had its ups and downs, and lately its been more down than up. With losses to Genesis and Exodus, it has only recently started to recover with a convincing win over Galleon (unlisted, ranked ~15th). If it racks up more losses to teams below them, it could quickly drop to a lower rating. If it can turn things around and continue its recovery, it could rocket up this list.8. Lucky Bounce Lucky Bounce had impressive results in the RLCS Qualifier 2 league play, and now its bringing that winning roster back together. The only reason this roster appears so low in the rankings is the teams as-yet-unproven form after the three-week hiatus the players took to explore their options as solo artists. Its highly likely that all three are better together as a band. Player to watch: Jacob Darkfire Gurrola.9. Goomba Squad With a recent win over Genesis and a win over Foresight and Momentum, Goomba has a solid claim for ninth place. That said, Goombas dropped sets against Momentum and Retrospect mean this spot could be a revolving door. Player to watch: Jesse Frezno25 Wentz.10. 2EZ Even with its troubles, 2EZ squeaks into these rankings due to Retrospects dissolution and the resulting void to be filled. It was in poor form in the latter end of the month, but there was some success earlier this month with a win over Momentum and Galleon. 2EZ will desperately need to improve to stay in these rankings, but for now it just makes it in.Europe1. Northern Gaming Northern Gaming looks like a ridiculously strong team, as in the last week it beat FlipSid3 4-0. The team is looking to be the favorite in the upcoming International Finals and with a high-pressure style it looks unlikely to be beaten for many weeks to come. Player to watch: Marius gReazy Ranheim.2. FlipSid3 Tactics FlipSid3 holds the second spot in these rankings due to its tight head-to-head win over Mock-it Europe 3-2. With that result it managed to secure second, but dont let it fool you; Flipsid3 is not close to We Dem Girlz at the moment and its holding onto this spot by the finest of margins.3. Mock-it EU Mock-it EU sees the opposite side of the coin from FlipSid3. Falling just short of second, it holds onto a comfortable number three spot. With would-be challengers Supersonic Avengers and The Flying Dutchmen losing to teams well below their standing in the power rankings, they really present little threat to Mock-it. Player to watch: Phillip Paschy90 Paschmeyer.4. Supersonic Avengers Supersonic Avengers have had some bad losses recently, particularly to Enjoy. However, considering their win over FlipSid3 in RLCS Qualifier 2 as well as their very close set vs We Dem Girlz, Supersonic Avengers look likely to hold this spot barring any major upsets by lower ranked teams. Again, though, the gap between them and the team above is very noticeable.5. The Flying Dutchmen The Flying Dutchmen are the fourth seed from Europe going into the International Finals and face a very tough matchup vs Kings of Urban. Losing to Cow Nose 2-1 is a very rough result for The Dutchmen, but they hope to bounce back at the International Finals and show that they can rise back to the top four. Player to watch: Jasper Vogan Van Riet.6. Enjoy Enjoy has taken down some of the top teams in recent weeks, including a win over Supersonic Avengers. With results like that it ends up sixth and looks to apply pressure on the Flying Dutchmen.7. Aeriality Aeriality has been steadily rising from a very low level of play in RLCS Qualifier 2. Nevertheless, it qualified for RLCS and competed, so there is nothing but upside for Aeriality as it looks to continue to rise up these ranks.8. Cow Nose Cow Nose is one of the best examples of how contentious the EU rankings are outside of the top three. With a recent 2-1 win over The Flying Dutchmen, it has shown its chops as a team capable of playing in the top 10 of Europe.9. Crown and Jewels Crown and Jewels have a roster that looks terrifying on paper, but just isnt quite there yet. When this roster builds, the synergy that players of this caliber can generate will truly be a force to be reckoned with. Look for this Crown and Jewels roster to slowly climb up these rankings in the future. Player to watch: Kyle Scrubkilla Robertson.10. Extatus Extatus is another roster that cannot really compete at the level of the top three but has shown recently that it can fight in the mosh pit that is Europes 4-10. If it can continue to take games off the teams around it, Extatus could start climbing towards those lofty heights above it soon. Tank Carradine Jersey . The team said Saturday that Lopez was hurt during its 121-120 overtime loss at Philadelphia on Friday. The Nets said they would issue another update next week after consultation with their doctors. Terrell Owens Jersey .J. Jefferson has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend. . LOUIS -- Heading into the final stretch of the season, the issues for the Chicago Bears banged-up defence only seem to be getting worse. LAS VEGAS -- Kyrie Irving says Mike Krzyzewski calls him the one that got away because Irvings career at Duke lasted just 11 games in his freshman season before he declared for the NBA draft.This summer, Irving is making up for lost time, committing to play for Krzyzewski and USA Basketball despite coming off an intense calendar year that started with a six-month rehab after knee surgery and ended with the longest NBA season imaginable, helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship in a seven-game Finals.Part of me would have wanted to probably think about rest and think about whats going on, but I can rest in training camp or getting ready for the season, Irving told this week at Team USA training camp in Las Vegas in preparation for next months Rio Olympics.I know the team will understand and Ill be at my best no matter what. I mean, this is [Krzyzewskis] last hurrah, so its an emotional thing and this will be our cemented championship if we come home with a gold. We got one in the world championship [in 2014], and now I want to win a gold with him, and Im the one that got away from him. So, Im glad that we can do this.USA Basketballs fascination with Irving predates his time with the Blue Devils. Jim Boeheim, Syracuses head coach and a U.S. assistant, remembers watching Irving play in high school and considering him one of the two best high school guards he has ever seen, along with Isiah Thomas. Every time he played, Boeheim said of Irving, he put on a show.Krzyzewski won the recruiting battle for the ballhandling wizard out of New Jersey, edging schools like Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia Tech and Seton Hall. A right toe injury cut short Irvings lone college season, but the Cavs drafted him No. 1 overall in 2011 anyway. Now the three-time All-Star has become the player that Coach K envisioned.In high school, I thought he would be great, Krzyzewski said. Hes better. And the thing about him is, hes still getting better. And hes smart.Hes smart people-wise and hes smart game-wise. But hes smart game-wise not when the game stops. A lot of people are smart after the game or when the game stops; hes smart while the game is going on at a high level. And the really good ones are like that. And thats what Ive learned. LeBron [James] is like that. Kobe [Bryant] is like that. Chris Paul, Carmelo [Anthony] is like that. Steph [Curry] is like that.Its heady company for Irving. Three of the names Krzyzewski mentioned were league MVPs, another is considered the best point guard of his generation and the other one of the best pure scorers to lace them up. Krzyzewski is pushing Irving, who is wearing his idol Bryants No. 10 for the Olympics, to continue his rise.I think a player has a dogs life in their career ... 13, 15 [years], Krzyzewski said. Hopefully that long. So when you feel that momentum going where youre getting better, Im not sure you want to stop.I know he wants to play for the U.S., wants to win a gold medal. I think down the list, he wants to play for me. Im not saying way down the list. But the primary thing, Kyrie wants to be a great player, and this gives him an opportunity to play with different people. It brings out different qualities of him ... leadership. And our guys usually become better in this. They usually have really good years [coming off USA Basketball], and then he can rest affter. Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys. Hell still have about six weeks before the season. So, Im proud of him.Still just 24 years old, Irving is the second-youngest player on USAs 12-man roster this summer, born a couple of months before Harrison Barnes.Im definitely one of the leaders of the team, and its crazy because Im still one of the youngest on this team, our Olympic team, Irving said. Its crazy to think that a lot of things that Ive been dreaming of as a kid are coming a lot quicker than I anticipated. But its been five years since I got drafted from Duke, and Im just happy for the opportunities that are in front of me.Irving will try to add an Olympic gold medal to the FIBA World Cup gold he won in Madrid when he was named MVP of the tournament. Hell try to add another championship with the Cavs next season, of course, but thats not on his mind at the moment.I havent thought about it, Irving said. I havent thought about a repeat yet. Ill think about it when it comes to October.Being around the Warriors Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all summer could speed that thought process, but Irvings answer is in line with his mantra of staying in the moment. Its the same reason he had little interest in reliving the Cavs epic Finals win over Golden State -- including his clinching 3-pointer over Curry in Game 7 -- when asked about it this week.I dont really have time to really sit there and realize the accomplishment of The Shot, he said. I know it was a very big shot and the magnitude of it was huge. But ... I wouldnt be me if I didnt continue to strive to think about the next thing that I have to accomplish and I want to accomplish, whether that be team- or personal-wise.So, it was a big shot, Im very ecstatic we won the championship and Im glad that shot happened in Golden State. It was a very big team, morale win for us. On the road in the NBA Finals, I mean, Ive been waiting for that type of moment. And I remember a person asked me, they were like, Are you ready for Game 7? And I told everybody, Im ready to relish in that moment. I want it, Im ready to be in it, Im ready to live in it and I meant that.As far as the Cavs go, Irving said he was confident the team would re-sign J.R. Smith and excited about the offseason additions of Chris Andersen and Mike Dunleavy.?I think hell enjoy it a lot better than anyone else, Irving said of Dunleavy, another former Duke star, because hell be getting standstill jump shots with us driving it.Yet in conversation, Irving had an easier time looking decades ahead than he did to next season.I know that were engraved in history, in Cleveland sports history, forever, Irving said. That team, well be coming back 40 years from now and well be old as heck and waving to the crowd like the Miracle at Richfield team [of 1975-76] that came back. I shook every single one of their hands. That will be us. That will be us talking about our championship team and waving to the crowd and stuff like that.Im appreciative of it. I wish I could share a lot of my emotions of how I really felt about it, because it meant a great deal to myself and my family and as well as to the city of Cleveland. Im just truly thankful to be in this position and now I get to go for a gold medal. Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Jerseys NFL Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '
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