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Thousands of protesters slam Australia Day

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    Thousands of people protest Australia Day which falls on January 26th, stating that it is actually It has been called "Day of Invasion" against indigenous peoples, with many demonstrators calling for the celebration to be cancelled. or change National Day to another day instead

    Reuters news agency reported that Australia Day marks the day the first fleet of ships from England arrived ashore in what is now Sydney. and officially declare possession of the territory Most of the settlers were families of soldiers and prisoners.

    Many people celebrate by grilling barbecues and going to the beach. But Indigenous Australians, who make up 3.8% of Australia's 26 million population, I don't agree with today. Because it was the beginning of the injustice of European colonization.

    In Sydney, thousands of protesters gathered in the city center. while waving the flag of the indigenous people and marching through the streets to express disagreement with "Day of the Invasion"

    By InfoQuest News Agency (26 Jan. '24)

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      January 26, 2024 4:01 AM MST