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    导出博客文章RICHMOND, Va. Wholesale Hornets Jerseys . -- David Ragan, a driver who helped build the foundation at Front Row Motorsports, has a chance to throw a big wrench into that organizations plans to get into the Chase for the Sprint Cup.Ragan sits 11 points behind Front Rows Chris Buescher for the 30th spot in the standings. Buescher only gets to use his Pocono win to get into the Chase if he can remain in the top 30.If Ragan, who now drives for BK Racing, earns 12 more points than Buescher -- that would likely be 12 spots give-or-take a spot if the driver leads a lap -- (and 29th-place Landon Cassill finishes within nine spots of Buescher), then Buescher will fall out of the top 30.That likely would put Ryan Newman in the Chase, and Ragan knows that would be devastating for Front Row.[Making] it would a great accomplishment [for Front Row], Ragan said Friday at Richmond. Im jealous. I wish we were in their position. If we cant get into the Chase, theres nobody Id rather see in than Chris and [owner] Bob Jenkins and that group at Front Row.Theyve worked extremely hard. Theyve put in the hard work and spent the money over the last 10 years to grow in this sport.That doesnt mean Ragan plans on giving Buescher or anyone else any slack. At Richmond in April, Ragan finished 23rd, 11 spots ahead of Buescher.With Ragan driving a Toyota for BK Racing, there isnt much Newmans Chevrolet team can do to try to help Ragan have a better performance. And, frankly, Ragans Toyota teammates probably would want Buescher in and Newman out of the Chase, considering Bueschers team has less potential to run well in the Chase than Newman.Ragan said he isnt preoccupied with playing spoiler nor helping his former team. He has a local sponsor (sweetFrog) and his team is looking to build on each weeks performance.Im very aware of whats going on, Ragan said. It will be fun to watch that. ... Were going to race as hard as we can to try to get a lead-lap finish and to have a shot at a top-15 or a top-20 would be a great day for us.They control their own destiny. If they screw up and make a mistake, have errors, I cant help that. Were going to do what weve got to do to just run our own race and however the dominoes fall, theyll fall.In 2008, Ragan entered the regular-season finale about 17 points (which would be about four points on todays scale) outside the Chase cutoff. He knows the driver code of how to race around Chase bubble drivers and what others will expect from him.Guys give you some consideration, Ragan said. I dont want to be the guy that pulls a bonehead move and takes a guy out of contention. But at the same time, were all here to race for our own thing.Ragan wouldnt rule out trying to do something crazy at the end as far as pit strategy if it could lead the team to a win or a good finish. If Ragan somehow pulled off the upset, he would need to make up 12 points on Buescher or 21 points on Cassill to make it into the top 30 and get in the Chase.That can only happen if Ragan can stay on the lead lap.Where we race, its so dependent upon where the cautions fall and how good that leader is, Ragan said. Were not really racing the competitors around us. Were racing that leader to stay on the lead lap.Our car is that good [to stay there]. This is a track that I like. Cheap Hornets Jerseys .Y. -- Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone has drawn on his Syracuse connections once again by hiring Rob Moore to take over as receivers coach. Devonte Graham Jersey . After a lengthy wait, persistent rain finally forced the postponement of the Nationals game against the Miami Marlins on Saturday night. The teams, and a few thousand fans, waited nearly four hours from the 7:05 scheduled start time before an announcement was made shortly before 11 p. . -- The Sacramento Kings are set to become the first major professional sports franchise to accept Bitcoin virtual currency for ticket and merchandise purchases. The ball had solemnly sworn it was up to no good. Then it was given to a redhead.It is the 16th over of Indias second innings. Ben Stokes came charging in and hit the deck with considerable force. The batsman picks the length up early. He prepares to get on top of the bounce by shifting his weight back and standing up taller at the crease. He has no idea he is in the worst possible position for what was about to happen. The back- of-a-length delivery turned into a grubber. Mischief most definitely managed.Virat Kohli should have been in trouble. He could even have been bowled off the inside edge. His best case scenario was if he was beaten - the line was quite wide - or if he could somehow keep the ball out. Those watching the third days play in the Visakhapatnam Test were introduced instead to the bizarre case scenario. Kohli smeared a four behind point.There were a few things that helped him pull that off. The original shot he was trying to play was with a vertical bat. So adjusting to the lack of bounce was easier than if he had attempted to play a cut, where the backlift gets bigger and therefore has a longer distance to travel. He provided himself with the same advantage in the 34th over, when the legspinner Adil Rashid produced a grubber. Kohli eased onto his backfoot and it came to rest slightly across onto off stump so that his head would be right in line with the ball. The inherent risk here is the possibility of lbw. But by playing the flick with a straight bat, and waiting to roll his wrists until he made the connection, not only did the Indian captain negate the chance of his being dismissed, he found another boundary.Free-flowing batsmen find difficulty keeping up on slow and low pitches. The lack of pace means hitting through the line is difficult and even maneuvering the ball into gaps requires a great deal of effort. Kohli seems to be settiing the template to prove that obsolete although if you want to follow it, youd best hope you have hands as quick and a work ethic as strong as his. Cheap Hornets Jerseys China. The thousands of balls he hits in the nets, the visualisation he does, the tweaks to his technique, all of it is in an effort to make sure he is equipped to make tough runs; to make sure he has a game he can trust when the pressure is high; to make sure he can not only tackle high-class bowling but dominate.Kohli faced more than 100 deliveries on a third and fourth day surface with wild variations in bounce and finished with a strike-rate of 74. No one that had lasted as long in this match has even come close to scoring that quickly. You have to want to be there, he often says, and watching him be there is a lot of fun. There are the bat twirls. The fiddling with the grille. The re-strapping of the gloves. The tapping of the pitch. He just doesnt want to be idle. He doesnt want his concentration levels to drop because thats when he knows he may not read the play as quickly. He barely spends any time away from the stumps. No trips to square leg to slow the game down. Hes ready in his stance, looking at the bowler with the impatience of a child waiting for their parent to take them to the park.It must be draining to be so switched on. But thats why both his physical and mental strength are high. At stumps yesterday, he had made more than half of Indias total - 56 out of 98. He finished with 81, only because of a spectacular catch at slip, stabilising India from an early wobble and giving them the chance to set a target never before achieved in the fourth innings of a Test in India. Kohli is a fantastic beast and everyone knows where to find him. At the heart of of a fight. Cheap NFL Hoodies Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Jerseys NFL China Wholesale NFL Autographed Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping ' ' '
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