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    导出博客文章Starting Monday, 20 of North American League of Legends top Challenger ladder players will have a chance to prove themselves in a combinelike competition called Scouting Grounds, hosted by League of Legends developer Riot Games. Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys . The competition will bring together four players from each of the five roles -- top lane, jungle, mid lane, AD carry and support -- and will have professional teams in attendance, including Echo Fox and Team Liquid, to scout the competitors.The requirements for competing are simple. Players must be 16 years of age, the required minimum age for the League of Legends Challenger Series, by January 2017 and must not have played more than two matches in any professional league (Challenger Series or the League Championship Series) in their career.Top lanePlayer to watch: Maxime Maxtrobo Delangis GallichandHailing from Quebec City, Québec, Canada, Maxime Maxtrobo Delangis Gallichand is among the small number of Canadian players who are high on the American-dominated Challenger ladder. He is currently ranked 44 overall on the North American Challenger ladder and tells ESPN that he often queues as fill, meaning he plays all roles within the game.His competitive experience is limited, having only played with amateur team DatZit Gaming Fire in two invitational tournaments, as well as Challenger Series spring qualifiers, at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. In the latter event, his team lost in the first round to Team Liquid Academy. But despite the lack of experience, Maxtrobo says hes committed to competing in League of Legends and recently dropped out of school to pursue the career full-time.Ive been playing a lot of things in solo queue, Maxtrobo told ESPN. Sometimes, I just put fill because I want a faster queue time, but I realized around a year ago that the role I was the best at was top, and I did a lot to improve during the year.Excluding champions from other roles, Maxtrobos highest played top lane champions in the game are Gnar, Jayce, Riven, Illaoi, and Ekko. Despite putting a lot of time into many of these champions, Maxtrobo tells ESPN he doesnt really have a best champion and that he likes to play aggressively in lane regardless of champion pick.I just like to carry and play aggressive in lane, he says. I just play what the coach tells me to play. I have a big champ pool.JunglePlayer to watch: Andrew BmxSpecks SpeckertPrior to Friday, Andrew BmxSpecks Speckert was not slated to attend the Scouting Grounds event. However, due to a last-minute personal emergency for another player on the list, BmxSpecks will compete as a jungler at the event.Aside from streaming and coaching, BmxSpecks gained his notoriety when he vowed to reach rank one in the League of Legends subreddit in April 2015, despite only being Master tier at the time and Diamond 4 the week before that. In his post, he noted that many pros laughed at him or didnt take him seriously. But less than a week later, he made Challenger and eventually hit rank one in the 2015 season.At the end of this season, he achieved rank 41 using a diverse pool of jungle champions with a heavy favorite of Elise. Earlier in the year, he competed on Zenith eSports in the Challenger Series Summer Qualifiers, falling out in the first round against a team with inexperienced Challenger players. But if he can apply his determination from 2015 to the competitive scene, the inclusion of BmxSpecks could make for an interesting Scouting Grounds.Mid lanePlayer to watch: Seungmin Strompest LeeOriginally born in South Korea, Seungmin Strompest Lee moved to the United States at 2 years old and has lived in several places in the States. Currently in Southern California, the 17-year-old Korean-American player, who is still a senior in high school, has recently become known for his Ryze play on the Challenger ladder. Like many of his peers, however, his competitive experience lacks depth, something he hopes Scouting Grounds gives him the chance to improve on.Strompest tells ESPN he has played League of Legends since spring of 2013, at age 13, and earned the Challenger rank roughly a year later. He now has two Challenger accounts, both of which ended up in the top 30 of the ladder (rank 26 and 28 respectively) before the end of the season last week.My aspirations for competitive League at this moment is just to hopefully make it into NA [League Championship Series] and then prove myself to be a good mid laner, he tells ESPN. I dont think I can become the best instantly, so Im aiming for what is directly in front of me at the moment. Realistically, Id probably have to go through NA [Challenger Series] first before I even get to enter NA LCS.Prior to competing in Scouting Grounds, Strompest competed with Serpentis eSports White and Insomnia eSports. On the latter team, he met a player named Dat Kitzuo Nguyen who helped him develop his Ryze play. While neither team found success, Strompest said that both have given him the ability to learn communication skills in a competitive environment.AD carryPlayer to Watch: Matthew Deftly ChenEighteen-year-old Matthew Deftly Chen of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has begun to make his mark on the League of Legends amateur scene even before Scouting Grounds. Like BmxSpecks, he was not originally planning to attend Scouting Grounds, but due to the revocation of Tristan xPecake C?té-Lalumières invite for alleged in-game trolling, Deftly received the invite for the event.For the past three months, Deftly has worked with a new iteration of Cloud9 Challenger that will bid to compete in the North American Challenger Series next spring. Deftly has also competed on Denial eSports North American roster and briefly subbed in on Eanix during the summer Challenger Series.In season 4, I was able to hit Challenger and start playing for amateur teams, which never amounted to anything, Deftly told ESPN. Eventually, the lack of strong teams taking interest led me to quit in season 5, where I later returned and am in the position I am now. Im extremely happy to be where I am now and am hoping to prove myself whenever an opportunity arises.Deftly earned some of his notoriety during his time trialing for DatZit Gaming. During the trial process, one of the teams scrimmages was leaked to the public, featuring Deftly obtaining a pentakill on Sivir.SupportPlayer to watch: Ryan Whyin KaraszkiewiczKnown as cute pupper irl on the ladder, 17-year-old Ryan Whyin Karaszkiewicz of Michigan had his first season in Challenger this season after being Diamond rank in seasons four and five. Whyin has competed on Sain eSports in both Spring and Summer Challenger Series qualifiers this year, but has failed to make it into the series.During his Spring run in the Challenger qualifier, he supported well-known AD carry Marko Prototype Sosnicki. While he has seen limited success on competitive teams, Whyin is currently ranked 54 on the North American Challenger Series ladder.Whyin plays most support champions within the meta and has played the highest number of games this season on Thresh. Authentic Mark Andrews Jersey . Each of Houstons starters scored in double figures as the Rockets improved to 2-0 against the Spurs this season, with both victories coming on the road. They also moved within 3 1/2 games of San Antonio (22-7) for the lead the Southwest Division. Wholesale Baltimore Ravens Jerseys . Louis Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey last Sunday. The fine is the fourth this season for Goldson. He was fined $30,000 for a hit on the New York Jets Jeff Cumberland in Week 1. . Now tied for second in the league in shootout goals, the 24-year-old likes to see what the opposing goaltender has in store before he ultimately lands on a move. Do you want big names? Big numbers? Big personalities? Welcome to All-Time #MLBRank, our ranking of the top 100 players in baseball history.To create our list, an ESPN expert panel voted on thousands of head-to-head matchups of 162 players, based on both peak performance and career value.The top 100 will roll out next week. This week, we bring you the top 10 at each position. Thursday brings the top 10 infielders by position of all time, followed by pitchers and catchers on Friday.Have fun!TOP 10 SHORTSTOPSJoin the discussion by using the #MLBRank hashtag, and follow along?@BBTN?and on Facebook.10. Alan TrammellTeams Detroit Tigers (1977-96)Honors Six-time All-Star (1980, 84-85, 87-88, 90), four Gold Gloves (80-81, 83-84), World Series MVP (84),?three Silver Sluggers (87-88, 90)Championships ?1 -- Detroit (1984)Career stats .285/.352/.415, OPS -- .767, Hits -- 2,365, HRs -- 185, RBIs -- 1,003The playerA victim of circumstance. If the voters dont screw up the MVP award vote in 1987, his case for the Hall of Fame is almost identical to Larkins, but because the writers blew that, they can subsequently make a phony distinction that penalizes one of the best shortstops ever. The only shortstops with his kind of resume are either in the Hall of Fame or not yet eligible (Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter). An inexcusable oversight.?-- Christina Kahrl, MLB writer?One of the best eligible players not in the Hall of Fame, Trammell is a statistical match for Barry Larkin, but while Larkin cruised in, Trammell will have to await a Veterans Committee selection. He did a bit of everything on the field, more solid than flashy -- hit for average, decent power for a 1980s shortstop and won four Gold Gloves. Tigers fans will remember his great postseason in 1984, when he hit three home runs and drove in nine runs in eight games as the Tigers won their last World Series, with Trammell winning World Series MVP.?-- David Schoenfield, senior writer9. Joe CroninTeams Pittsburgh Pirates (1926-27), Washington Senators (28-34), Boston Red Sox (35-45)Honors Seven-time AL All-Star (1933-35, 37-39, 41), Hall of Fame (56)Championships NoneCareer stats .301/.390/.468, OPS -- .857, Hits -- 2,285, HRs -- 170, RBIs -- 1,424The playerOne of the few Hall of Famers who were given up on as a young player. After the Pirates gave up on him, he landed with the Senators and became the ALs best shortstop of the 1930s, starting seven All-Star Games. He would have started more had All-Star Games begun earlier in his career. His long legacy in the game included stints as manager, general manager and AL president, although his tenure running the Red Sox included the team refusing to sign any black players. As AL president, however, he did hire MLBs first black umpire in 1966.?-- SchoenfieldHe wouldnt crack my top 10, but hes in a group of the very good pre-integration shortstops, along with George Davis, Arky Vaughn, or Luke Appling -- good players all, but not guys Id take ahead of Luis Aparicio or Pee Wee Reese, let alone Trammell or Larkin. -- Kahrl8. Barry LarkinTeams Cincinnati Reds (1986-2004)Honors 12-time All-Star (1988-91, 93-97, 99-2000, 04),?nine Silver Sluggers (88-92, 95-96, 98-99),?three Gold Gloves (94-96),?MVP (95),?Hall of Fame (12)Championships 1 -- Cincinnati (1990)Career stats 295/.371/.444, OPS -- .815, Hits -- 2,340, HRs -- 198, RBIs -- 960The playerAn easy favorite to watch, but a weird bat-first rep in retrospect: just one 20-homer and one 30-homer season, no black ink, but the one MVP award and the one World Series win. And thats more than enough in my book. -- KahrlIf Ernie Banks was Mr. Cub, then Larkin must be Mr. Red (no offense to the mascot of the same name). Born and raised in Cincinnati, Larkin spent the entirety of his 19-year Hall of Fame career with his hometown team, leading the Reds to two postseason appearances and a World Series crown in 1990. -- Scott Lauber, Red Sox reporter7. Robin YountTeams Milwaukee Brewers (1974-93)Honors Three-time All-Star (80, 82-83), three Silver Sluggers (80, 82, 89), Gold Glove (82), two-time MVP (1982, 89), ?Hall of Fame (99)Championships NoneCareer stats .285/.342/.430, OPS -- .772, Hits -- 3,142, HRs -- 251, RBIs-- 1,406The playerYounts 1982 season might be the best ever for a shortstop: He hit .331/.379/.578 with 29 home runs, leading the AL in slugging, OPS, doubles and hits and won a Gold Glove for the pennant-winning Brewers. He never matched those numbers again but was a model of consistency and even won a second MVP Award after moving to center field when he hurt his shoulder.?-- SchoenfieldBefore the move to the outfield, Yount compiled almost two-thirds of his career value via WAR at shortstop (50.4 of 77.0). A big chunk of that came from his 10.5 WAR season in 1982, the third-best year ever by a shortstop. -- Kahrl6. Ozzie SmithTeams San Diego Padres (1978-81), St. Louis Cardinals (82-96)Honors 13 Gold Gloves (1980-92),?15-time All-Star (81-92, 94-96), Silver Slugger (87), Hall of Fame (2002)Championships 1 -- St. Louis (1982)Career stats .262/.337/.328, OPS -- .666, Hits -- 2,460, HRs -- 28, RBIs -- 793The playerBaseball has a way that, once a player earns a label, he never loses it. Ozzie is the greatest defensive shortstop of all time, and it will be impossible, it seems, for anyone to overtake him. He had amazing range, a quick release and acrobatic athleticism. Once a terrible hitter, he even turned himself into a tough out at the plate, hitting for decent averages and drawing walks to go with excellent speed on the bases.?-- SchoenfieldThe greatest defensive shortstop in the history of the game, with an MLB-best defensive WAR value of 43.4 offering a numeric amen. Because Im inclined to put A-Rod and Wagner into a separate category, Im still more interested in Ozzie vs. Cal for best shortstop ever arguments ... and I could happily agree to either. -- KahrlGo crazy, folks! Ozzie Smith is too high on this list, or maybe he is too low. No matter what you think of Smiths production at the plate, there isnt a player in baseball history who starts and stops the conversation about defense at a position quite like the Wizard of Oz does. And there isnt a pitcher alive who wouldnt do backflips abouut having Smith standing behind him on the diamond. Authentic Jordan Lasley Jersey. -- Dan Mullen, senior MLB editor5. Derek JeterTeams New York Yankees 1995-2014Honors Rookie of the Year (1996), 14-time All Star (98-2002, 04, 06-12, 14), All-Star MVP (00), World Series MVP (00), five Gold Gloves (04-06, 09-10), five Silver Sluggers (06-09, 12)Championships 5 -- New York (1996, 98-2000, 09)Career stats .310/.377/.440, OPS -- .817, Hits - 3,465, HRs -- 260, RBIs -- 1,311The playerHis clutch play, particularly in the postseason, earned him nicknames such as Captain Clutch and Mr. November. Jeters legendary career as a Yankee cemented him as one of the most beloved New York sports figures of all time.?-- Katie Strang, Tigers reporter I suppose there might still be a petty rear-guard argument over whether he should have moved off short, but whats the point? He wasnt a great defender, but he was a great asset. -- KahrlTo appreciate Jeters impact on a generation of players, look no further than Red Sox All-Star shortstop Xander Bogaerts, who grew up in Aruba idolizing the Yankees captain to the point that he has mimicked his patented jump throw from the grass in shallow left field. Jeter spent 20 seasons in the big leagues and never played for a losing team. That cant be a coincidence. -- Lauber4. Cal Ripken Jr.Teams Baltimore Orioles (1981-2001)Honors Rookie of the Year (1982), two-time MVP (83, 91), 19-time All-Star (83-2001), eight Silver Sluggers (83-86, 89, 91, 93-94), two-time All-Star MVP (91, 01), two Gold Gloves (91-92), Hall of Fame (07)Championships 1 -- Baltimore (1983)Career stats .276/.340/.447, OPS -- .788, Hits -- 3,184, HRs - 431, RBIs -- 1,695, Double Plays Grounded Into -- 350 (all-time leader),?2,632 consecutive games played (all-time leader)The playerYou know the resume: durability, defense and power, because we cant exactly put a number on belovedness (and would he beat Ozzie or Jeter?). I figure earning the Iron Man label from Gehrig was ultimately self-destructive, but if you want to call Ripken the best shortstop ever, you wont get much argument from me. His 1991 season is still the greatest year put up by a shortstop. -- KahrlThe man did not miss a game for 13 years. To put that into perspective, 3,713 major-league players took at least one turn the disabled list during Ripkens streak of 2,632 consecutive games, according to the Society for American Baseball Research. -- Lauber3. Ernie BanksTeams Chicago Cubs (1953-71)Honors 14-time All-Star (1955-62*, 65, 67, 69), two-time MVP (1958-59), Gold Glove (60), Hall of Fame (77)*Played in two All-Star Games in 59, 60 and 62Championships NoneCareer stats .274/.330/.500, OPS -- .830, Hits -- 2,583, HRs - 512, RBIs -- 1,636The playerEverybody loves Ernie Banks, but the truth is that he had only half a great career. In the first part, he was one of the greatest shortstops ever, a power-hitting two-time MVP. Then his knees went bad and he moved to first base, but provided little value in the second half of his career, posting some solid home run numbers but with low batting averages and OBPs. Still, hell be remembered as the most beloved Cub of all time.?-- SchoenfieldAs an extreme fly-ball hitter in Wrigley Field when it was all day games there, we shouldnt be surprised by the big home/road split, with an .886 Wrigley OPS vs. .773 on the road. He was made for the place, and not everybody is or was. He played more than half his career games at first base, with the Cubs moving him to make way for the immortal Andre Rogers. -- Kahrl2. Alex RodriguezTeams Seattle Mariners (1994-2000), Texas Rangers (01-03), New York Yankees (04-13, 15-present)Honors 14-time All-Star (1996-98, 00-08, 10-11), 10 Silver Sluggers (96, 98-03, 05, 07-08), two Gold Gloves (02-03), three-time MVP (2003, 05, 07)Championships 1 -- New York (2009)Career stats* .296/.380/.551, OPS -- .932 Hits -- 3,111 HRs -- 695, RBIs -- 2,083*Stats through July 10, 2016The playerObviously, his legacy will be forever tarnished, but theres no denying his production on the field. Rodriguez at age 20, when he hit .358 with 36 home runs and 54 doubles, was as gifted a player as Ive ever seen. He has won three MVP Awards and was the runner-up twice, including in 1996, when Juan Gonzalez won over him, which was a travesty. He also is closing in on 700 home runs, is eighth all time in runs, third in RBIs and 16th in Baseball-Reference WAR. The only players ahead of him born after 1940 are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. That trio might never see Cooperstown.?-- SchoenfieldLike it or not, he did play the majority of his games in the field at short, only moving because he was traded to Jeterville. If Bonds is the ultimate litmus test on HOF voting for PED users, A-Rod is PED Litmus 2.0. The ruin of the last six seasons erased his shot at overtaking Bonds for the HR record: In 2010, he was at 613 and had hit 30 in 14 of 15 seasons. He has done it once since. Five short of 700, he might not even reach that. -- Kahrl1. Honus WagnerTeams Louisville Colonels (1897-99), Pittsburgh Pirates (1900-17)Honors Hall of Fame (1936)Championships 1 -- Pittsburgh (1909)Career stats .328/.391/.467, OPS -- .858, Hits -- 3,420, HR -- 101, RBIs -- 1,732The playerThe greatest player some of you havent heard of and none of us has seen, Wagner is first in WAR among shortstops, first in OPS+, fourth in OPS, and first in fun anecdotes about his throwing so hard that gravel would arrive at first base with his throws.The combo of Paul Bunyan legendry and huge numbers as a foundational great of one of the NLs original eight make him the easy, reflexive No. 1 for most. -- KahrlTheres an argument for Wagner as the greatest player of all time. He was big, strong and fast, and while he didnt hit many home runs because he played in the dead ball era, if you transported him to 2016 he would undoubtedly hit for a lot of power. He was also one of the best old players ever, winning six of his eight batting titles after turning 30. In the first Hall of Fame induction, he received the same number of votes as Babe Ruth (although fewer than Ty Cobb). -- Schoenfield Black China NFL Jerseys Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Throwback Jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL T-shirts From China Wholesale NFL T-shirts China Jerseys Cheap ' ' '
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