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    导出博客文章NEW YORK -- Pat Williams is pretty good at being lucky, and hes got a hunch. Wholesale Steelers Jerseys . "I got a funny feeling that this could be another Magic year, here. For some reason, Ive just got the feel," Williams said. Orlando sure could use it. Following a difficult first season after trading Dwight Howard, the Magic are hoping Williams can bring them more lottery luck. Armed with the best odds and their three-time winner back on stage, the Magic will try to jump-start the rebuilding process Tuesday night by landing the rights to the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. Williams has won four times, including victories in 1992, 93 and 2004 with the Magic. They used the most recent one to draft Howard, and no team since has entered with the best odds and won the lottery. The Magic were back in the lottery the next two years but were busy playing in the post-season every spring since until this one, when they finished an NBA-worst 20-62 after sending Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers last August in a four-team deal. That gives them a 25 per cent chance at winning the rights to choose first in a draft that appears uncertain. Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel is considered the top choice, though he could miss the first two months of the season while recovering from a torn ACL. Williams, the longtime team executive, thinks a victory would give the Magic and their fans a boost. "And obviously, to be in that first slot, it gives you lots of flexibility," he said. "Even in a year like this when there a lot of uncertainties with the draft -- there doesnt appear to be a franchise turner, but there are lots of good players in this draft who will have NBA careers. But if we could pull off a win here, it would give our city just a big lift and after a tough year that would be more than welcome." Williams, in good spirits and saying he feels well 2 1/2 years after being diagnosed with blood cancer, jokes about his lottery history. The Magic celebrate it, with pingpong balls in their trophy case. Hes been so good that the NBA was forced to change the lottery process after Orlandos second victory. The Magic won the 1992 lottery and picked Shaquille ONeal, then barely missed the playoffs in his rookie season. Yet they won again with just one pingpong ball out of 66, swapping the rights to Chris Webber for Penny Hardaway, and starting with the 1994 lottery the NBA tweaked the system to give the worst team an even better chance to win and making it nearly impossible for the lottery team with the best record to pull the upset. "The Orlando rules," Williams said. The biggest loser now has 250 chances out of 1,000 but keeps coming up empty. The Charlotte Bobcats had the worst winning percentage in NBA history last season but slipped to No. 2, missing their chance to pick college player of the year Anthony Davis. Davis will be at the Times Square Studios on Tuesday to represent New Orleans in the Pelicans introduction for much of the national audience. The former Hornets name change became official at the end of the regular season. The Pelicans have the fifth-best odds at 8.8 per cent. Charlotte is second at 19.9 per cent, followed by Cleveland (15.6) and Phoenix (11.9). The lottery has supplanted the playoffs as Clevelands off-season destination. The Cavaliers are in the lottery for the third straight year, a run that began when LeBron James packed his bags and headed for Miami Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who also has a string of casinos throughout Ohio, will be hoping for a little luck when the pingpong balls drop. The Cavs won the lottery in 2011 and used the No. 1 overall pick on point guard Kyrie Irving, who was named an All-Star this past season. Last year, the Cavs picked fourth and chose Dion Waiters, who had a solid rookie season. Cleveland has four of the top 33 picks -- Nos. 19, 31 and 33 -- in this years draft and intend to add some talent and depth for coach Mike Brown, who Gilbert has brought back after firing him three years ago. The draft is June 27 at Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets. Williams and the Magic have been gone so long that he isnt even sure the setup in the new location, after it was held for years in Secaucus, N.J., at an old NBA Entertainment studio. "Well have to see if we still have our Magic touch in the next decade," he said. "But were ready, we come loaded for bear. We worked hard and earned our 25 per cent chance through 82 games, and that puts us in the pole position here." Authentic Joshua Frazier Jersey . The defence is doing its part, too. Drew Brees threw a pair of touchdown passes in the first half and the guys on the other side made sure that was enough, sending the Saints to a 17-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night. Steelers Jerseys China .com) - Manchester City midfielder David Silva is expected to miss the next four weeks because of a calf problem. . "No difference at all," chirped U.S. roommate and linemate James van Riemsdyk. "Its still the same cranky Phil.If you search for scheduled flights from London to Sochi, you will struggle to find one that takes less than nine hours. They make one stop en route and it is usually an overnight journey too. That is why on a chilly April morning, much of the Formula 1 paddock descended on Gatwicks South Terminal to board a charter flight which would fly directly to Sochi in just over four hours.Our plane included team principals, press officers, engineers and even a couple of drivers - although a large number of the drivers chose to share a private jet from Nice to Sochi instead. Cant think why?! As I mentioned in last years diary, we stay in what was the athletes accommodation during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. It feels like a university Halls of Residence, without the communal kitchen and late-night parties.I am not sure what actually happens when the Formula 1 is not there, as even on the night we arrived, the restaurants on site decided to remain closed. Instead, being the creatures of habit that we are, we ventured to a large hotel about a 15-minute walk away for dinner in their Italian restaurant just as we did last year. The Martin Brundle column Martin reviews Sochi, Kvyats latest mishap, and the danger v safety debate I mentioned the service in Russia before and this year, although it was definitely quicker, there were still moments of surprise.For example, one of our friends that night found his tiramisu arrived before his main course, and he wasnt even sure he had actually ordered a dessert! While for Crofty, his main course arrived at the same time as the post-meal coffees.It adds to the experience and you know its going to happen, so my advice is eat whatever you can, whenever it turns up, and youll be fine. As in previous years, there were plenty of drivers also dining in the restaurant that night. At the table behind was Dani Kvyat and his father. He had been to the bobsled track with Simon Lazenby that day and was showing us photos of Simon in his Lycra.You will have seen the finished piece on our race show by now and after Crofty in a wetsuit on a jet ski, I am not sure how Damon and Johnny can top them... and I am not convinced we want them to!The Sochi paddock is fairly narrow and shaded by relatively tall buildings on both sides so there is always a breeze and it feels colder than elsewhere around the circuit. It makes it more difficult to gauge the temperatures out on track and, despite good forecasts, we all found it colder than expected. The race used to be in October but April didnt seem to provide any more heat than six months earlier had. On Thursday evening, we ventured out to another hotel nearby, again in search of food (I am detecting a theme here...) and this time, it was the hotel that some of the other teams stay in.In a corner of the restaurant, Nico Rosberg was having dinner with his manager and his trainer, as he would do on Saturday night too before flying his drone in the table tennis room next door!On Friday morning, my alarm was set for 5.30am as I was having breakfast with Rio Haryanto for Facebook Live. We are hoping to do lots more of these this season where you just join the Sky Sports F1 Facebook page and we will do live interviews with drivers for you to watch and submit questions to in real time and get an instant response.Unfortunately for Rio, our site canteen didnt make for the most salubrious backdrop! After the chat, it was time to walk over to the paddock for Friday practice. We saw the Red Bull aero screen for the first time this weekend. Daniel Ricciardo took it out for a single lap of the Sochi circuit and while some found it aesthetically more pleasing than the Ferrari halo device seen in winter testing, the drivers gave me mixed reactions to it.There seems to be a divide on the real need for it at all, with many of the younger drivers in the grid not wanting any device at all, while some of the older drivers are keen for it to be brought in as early as next year. Verdict? The jurys out.Also on Friday, I got measured for my race helmet. I have borrowed one up until now but when it started to lift when I was full throttle on the straight, I realised the importance of a good fit! What I didnt realise is that there are cheek measurements too! It appears I have the same size head as Kevin Magnussen but more rounded cheeks! Who knew?! Daniel Ricciardo likes Red Bulls new Aeroscreen following a test run in Practice 1 of the Russian GP My measurements were taken with a tape measure, but for F1 drivers, helmet manufacturers scan their heads and get exact measurements all the way round. I now need to work out the design for my helmet so Ill be asking for your help on that soon...On Saturday, we all felt set for a battle between the two Mercedes for pole - but it wasnt to be. While waiting for the drivers eliminated in Q2 to arrive at the interview pen, Lewis Hamilton walked past me, in his race suit but with sunglasses and cap on.He went straight into the FIA stewards office, but it was clear he was out of qualifying. He knew he had to answer for not going around the keep left bollard at Turn Two, but no driver would do that while still taking part in qualifying - they would wait until the end, so I knew something was up. The moment Lewis Hamilton was struck by more unreliability in Russian GP qualifying Mercedes then informed the media of a failure in the power unit and while I was scribbling down the details, Lewis appeared in front of me. Authentic Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey. Aside from asking him what happened and when the problem was first discovered, there are never going to be many questions you can ask in that situation that will get an answer of any great length.While in China, he was pragmatic and considered in his responses. Here, he had just got out of the car, had a telling off from the FIA, and knew he could be facing starting the race from the back of the grid, so he was understandably gutted and I was his first interview. It doesnt matter who the driver is in these circumstances, I never hold it against them for being short with their answers. Every 2016 race live Fast and easy upgrade to see every F1 session live on Sky Sports If he had just won the race, it would be different, but 60 seconds after another disappointment like that? I certainly wouldnt feel in the mood to talk.Which is why on Sunday I was very fortunate to speak to Kvyat at the end of his round of interviews. While he was talking to another channel across the pen from me, I noticed the race was being re-run on the TV screen next to us. If he could just talk for a minute longer to them, as he walked over to me he would catch sight of the start and a reply of the incident with Vettel and Ricciardo. Red Bulls Daniil Kvyat reflects on his first lap collision with Sebastian Vettel, which ended the Ferrari drivers race in Russia Luckily for me, that is exactly what happened. He stopped and watched it in real time then watched the slow-motion replays. It meant that for our interview, he had had a chance to reflect on what happened and see what part he had played. He was obviously hugely disappointed that his home race had turned out this way and admitted he may have apologies to make.One thing that couldnt be ignored this weekend was the mounting abuse aimed at Mercedes, with accusations of sabotage being thrown at the team.Hamiltons run of bad luck has seen some use social media to claim there is some conspiracy theory to help Rosberg win. Our timelines are full of such messages but the team have received many more - some abusive and some aimed directly at team members, suggesting they are deliberately engineering a Rosberg world title this year. Head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff has strongly denied claims from some fans that the team are sabotaging Lewis Hamiltons season The only thing the team are engineering right now is a third constructors title in a row. Every single person on that team is working their hardest, whether they are in Brackley, Brixworth or Stuttgart or at the track on the race weekend. The guys and girls in the garage work incredibly long hours to make sure Lewis and Nico have the best tools they can possibly have at their disposal.The voices have been getting louder with every passing weekend but hopefully now that the team, and Lewis, have had a chance to respond those voices will get back to cheering on their man.I am writing this diary while waiting for my bag at Luton airport. We landed two hours ago but, as in previous years, it is taking an age for our luggage to arrive. It is 4.30am Russia time and we are scattered around the carousel, some sitting on it, others sitting on the floor, and some raiding the vending machines for snacks.But then we have just arrived back from Russia, so I guess one more wait is appropriate...RB Also See: The Martin Brundle column How unlucky has Lewis been? Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Hoodies Cheap Jerseys Throwback Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China ' ' '
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