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Centers for refugee women

  • As the number of refugees and displaced persons is growing worldwide, more women are becoming involved in the refugee women's movement. It is not easy for them, particularly after experiencing the horrors of war and sexual slavery. However, there are organizations that have been assisting them and helping them build their lives back better than before.

    The United Nations High Commission for Women (UNICEF) has recently launched programs that aim to empower and educate these refugee women. They are provided with shelter, food assistance, and help in accessing quality health services. In many cases, they are even forced into the commercial sex industry, as well as in forced labor in camps or in certain areas of the country where they are housed.

    The number of female refugees is increasing, but most don't have access to the same opportunities as their male counterparts. The root cause of this is often gender-based conflicts that have resulted in war and widespread poverty in their home countries. In some cases, they have been subjected to acts of gender-based violence, such as rape and sexual slavery. As a result of being displaced and unable to continue living in their home country, most of these refugee women become trapped in zones of intense gender discrimination, lack of education and extreme poverty. The United Nations and other organizations have been providing them with various assistance to improve their lives and escape from any form of gender-based abuse.
      February 6, 2021 10:32 AM MST