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Application Details Of Vegetable Planter

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  • We start with Vegetable Planter. The planter is an advanced agricultural equipment used for planting crops. It sows seeds in the soil, presses them to a certain depth, and then distributes them evenly. The agricultural machinery places the seeds at an appropriate sowing depth and speed to ensure that the soil fully covers the seeds. This process protects the seeds from the effects of birds, animals and drying. With the help of a planter, the seeds are evenly distributed in rows. It ensures that plants get rough nutrients, moisture in the soil and sunlight.

    Before the introduction of seed drills, most seeds were planted by hand, which was a very inaccurate and wasteful process. Inadequate seed distribution resulted in low productivity. When the planter appeared, it made the work process easier. The planter helps increase the crop yield ratio by up to 9 times, saving time and labor.

    The planter is used to carry seeds and ditch to a uniform depth. It places the seeds in the trenches in a consistent pattern. The planter is used to cover the seeds and compact the soil around the seeds.

    There are two types of planters available, as listed below:-

    Brock bit
    Tractor drilling
    Components of the planter
    Agricultural machinery is equipped with many components, making it one of the most reliable and robust machines for seeding operations. The following are the main components of the planter.

    The frame is the main part of the planter, made of angle iron, with suitable brackets and brackets. The frame is an important part of the planter and is used to handle all the loads in the work site.

    Seed box
    Seedbox is a small agitator that prevents seeds from clogging. It is equipped with mild steel sheet or galvanized iron sheet, and has a suitable cover.

    The drill is to drill the tip of the seed hole.

    The opener is used to open the furrow before planting.

    Covering device
    It is used to refill the furrow after the seeds are placed in the furrow. The seeds are designed to be covered with various sizes and shapes of resistance, rollers, chains, press wheels or patta.

    Transport wheel
    Two transport wheels are provided, mounted on the bottom bracket, and some planters also have pneumatic wheels. The transport wheel helps to operate the seeding mechanism that transmits power.

    Benefits of planter
    The agricultural machinery spreads the seeds evenly in a shorter time.
    The planter provides high performance and saves labor.
    The machine wastes fewer seeds.
    It sowns at an equal distance and an appropriate depth.
    It protects seeds from animals and birds.
    This machine is more beneficial and profitable because it makes the work after planting, seeding and harvesting easy and comfortable.
    The Manual Seeder is easy to use and requires low maintenance.


      June 1, 2021 10:04 PM MDT