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  • No matter how close we are to our partner Detroit Lions Color Rush Jerseys , no matter how strong the bond and the mutual likes and dislikes, there are always little things that we do that "bug" our greatest audience. Too often, such personal habits are only discussed in the middle of a heated argument when they are hurled like missiles "And another thing, you always . . ."

    Defuse the potential for discord by setting aside time every month or so to sit down and discuss such disconnects objectively and with a lot of good humor. While our tendency is to assure our loved one that there is absolutely nothing they do that we would want to change, there is always something. By concentrating on the irritating action itself, we can avoid criticizing the other as a person, or letting our emotions blow little transgressions into tornados.

    Start small with things that only mildly "push your buttons." Such things as leaving the toilet seat up Lions Jake Rudock Jersey , dropping wet towels on the bathroom floor, always taking a fresh glass for morning juice, or leaving piles of clothes in the corner - all of these can be annoying but are hardly make-or-break aspects of your union.

    For every "bugs me" behavior identified, see if you can figure out together how the situation can be resolved. Maybe one of you can agree to watch yourself carefully and try to avoid the activity all together. Maybe one of you can become more flexible and allow for personal quirks to remain without the buildup of underlying resentment.

    Make a game of monitoring each other. A cue word or phrase ("mayday"; "boytoy"; "bingo"; "who let the dogs out?") can alert the partner in a humorous, non-threatening way and avoid a defensive response.

    If two people care for each other, they will genuinely try to avoid irritating or disturbing each other but because two people will never be in total sync, it is important to develop a tolerance for each other's flaws and foibles.

    In the midst of our ever-busy lives Lions Taylor Decker Jersey , we try to concentrate on too much at once. Our time becomes so engaged on the problems and challenges of a demanding world that we forget or ignore the little things that our loved one does for us, simply because they care.

    So end your discussion of annoying habits and possible solutions by also taking the time to review what things the other person has done that made you feel wonderful - the call to let you know they are running late, the coffee in bed on a Sunday morning, or how grateful you are that your partner handled your son's school problems so well.

    You should be able to walk away from your discussion with an upbeat feeling, secure in the knowledge that fate has dealt you the greatest card in the pack: an honest and thoroughly enjoyable union with the most wonderful person you have ever known.

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    by Xinhua writers Yang Shilong, Zhang Zhihuan

    NEW YORK, June 18 (Xinhua) -- In 1601 Lions Nick Bellore Jersey , an Italian missionarynamed Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) entered the Forbidden City inBeijing, the Chinese imperial palace, opening a path for East-Westcultural exchange that many people set foot on.

    Inspired by Matteo Ricci's legend, in 1986, Dionisio Cimarelli,aged 21 then, boarded a Trans-Siberian train to Beijing for thefirst time.


    "China is one of my very old passion. Since I was a student Lions Jeff Locke Jersey , Iwas very interested in Chinese culture, Chinese art, in 1986 I stopped my study in the academy and Idecided to move to China for a big trip," said Cimarelli, who nowteaches sculpture at the New York Academy of Arts.

    "Matteo Ricci probably went to China to teach, but I went thereprimarily to understand, which was also my way to try to understandand exchange Lions Miles Killebrew Jersey , and explain to the Chinese my culture, my education,and Chinese can teach me their own culture," he told Xinhua.

    China at that time was not yet fully open to tourism and streetsof its cities were full of bikes, no busy traffic at all, herecalled.

    " 1986, I found China a poor country Lions Anthony Zettel Jersey , it was coming outfrom a very difficult time in terms of economy and culture. But in1986 I was also able to see the beginning of the change after theopening-up," he said, referring to China's adoption of the policyof reform and opening to the outside world in 1978.

    Cimarelli returned to find a very different China in 2004 and hestayed nine years since in the booming country.

    "I feel very lucky and I'm very very proud that I was able tosee this change which would not only be part of China, but alsopart of the world change," he said.

    "I saw huge change. From 1986 to 2004, China already changed alot," he said.

    "But during my nine years in China from 2004 to 2013 Lions T.J. Lang Jersey , there washuge, enormous, amazing change. I was able to see every week thedifference in Shanghai and Beijing, which I was going to veryoften. Continuously I saw the change," he said.

    "I would say that in 2007 and 2008, there were the biggestchanges in Beijing before the Olympic Games, I would say the changewas 180 degree completely Lions Darren Fells Jersey ," he said.

    "I could also see the change of people, the change of theattitude of the Chinese. They became more wealthy, they started totravel, they started to know. For the young people, they were ableto do their Ph.D. in Europe and the U.S.A. So there are theenormous changes, you almost can't recognize the country, I wouldsay Lions Ricky Wagner Jersey ," he said.


    "China for me was an amazing experience, incredible. That's whyI was able to stay for such a long time. It is because I've alwaysbeen interested and curiou.

      April 14, 2018 8:04 PM MDT