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Do you know how to use sex toys?

  • The girls lie in front and the boys enter from the back, which can alternate with the backyard plug. The girl supports the ground with one hand and stimulates the clitoris with the vibrator with the other hand, allowing you to enjoy unprecedented stimulation.If you cannot serve your partner in person due to the distance, you can use a sex toy for man that can be remotely controlled, and adjust the speed of the vibrator through video. The speed of the vibrator is fast and slow, and your partner's orgasm is in your hands. Two people kneeling face to face, you can make eye contact, kiss, suck each other's neck and other sensitive areas, increase the feeling of passion, and use a rabbit vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, so that you can easily orgasm.

    The girl is lying flat on the bed, and the boy can use the sensory sex toy for woman during oral sex to stimulate the clitoris, and have double stimulation at one time. The boy lies on the sex pillow and the girl is above. The sex pillow can solve the problem of reduced pleasure caused by the size or angle of the two. The dildo can enter the honey hole smoothly, and it will also have a deeper penetration, stimulate the G-spot, and make You are so comfortable that your legs are soft.

    You can also try putting a vibrating cock ring on a guy's cock before sex to get him hooked, and you can run your fingers around the sensitive area around his cock so that he can't wait to pounce on you. It can also be used during sex to increase the durability, enjoy the pleasure of each other, and achieve simultaneous orgasm.

    Before you want to have oral sex with a boy, you can slowly approach his perineum with your hand when he is sexually high, you can use an egg vibrator to stimulate his P-spot, which is the prostate, 2.5-5 cm into the anus, just Just like a girl's G-spot, tap a guy's P-spot with a anal toy to lift him to the high. You can also let the girl lie on the side with her back to the boy, and the boy will lie on the side toward the girl. Use the vibrating wand to stimulate the back court. You can stimulate the clitoris or rub the nipple with your hands to enhance the pleasure.

      March 24, 2022 3:29 AM MDT