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10 Tips Decorated With LED Strips

  •        There are some magical things about new lighting. Whether it is an elegant foyer or a single mat, the light of LED lighting brings life to life. One of the energy saving options is the LED strip. They not only use less power, but also work seamlessly with home décor.

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      1. Make safety fun

      Let's start with priority #1 - security.

      LED strips are ideal for illuminating dark or potentially dangerous areas of your home. These areas include basements, garages, stairs and lofts.

      The strip lights also enhance the safety of the superior bathroom and the children's bedroom. Not so clumsy in the dark means less slip and fall.

      2. Children's LED strips

      LED strips are especially interesting for kids. They are reminiscent of the classic floorlights you found in the cinema.

      Use strip lights as an alternative to night lights. In addition, you can let your child choose their own color!

      Here are some ideas that kids like:

      Install lights around the windows to create a "spacecraft window"

      Create a lit "track" on the wall

      Glowing green light in the jungle bedroom theme

      Create a "seabed" theme with blue lights

      Glowing pink strip lights can also be used to create magical princess bedrooms for kids.

      3. Create the ultimate game room

      Without cool lighting, you can't have a game room.

      Whether it's a lava lamp or an emotional light, bold creative lighting has always been part of the game room decor. Even the game chair is now bright!

      LED strips can be applied along the top, bottom and corners of the wall to create a huge illuminated cube of the room.

      Apply them to the edges of TV stands and other gaming furniture to fully illuminate your game settings. The possibilities here are endless.

      4. Illuminate your garden

      Whether indoors or outdoors, the lights can complement any garden. They are also welcomed by the guests!

      Wrap LED strips around your palms and other indoor trees. Hang them in hanging ferns and ivy.

      Here are some ideas for dazzling indoor plants:

      Line up your pots and pots with shiny strip lights

      Create a glowing rainbow garden with colorful lights

      Halloween decorated them with orange lights

      Red, green and white lights that surround the trees during the holidays

      If you want a subtle look, just add some white light here and there.

      5. Light up your dinner

      I like to eat in the evening with mood lighting? You are not the only one.

      LED lighting is perfect for turning your restaurant into a starry night for your family and friends.

      First, light a strip of light on the dining table. Then, spread a transparent, glittering tablecloth on top. This is a great way to add a soft, subtle sheen to your table.

      You can even add a flashing strip light to your core components!

      6. Decorate your cellar and fireplace

      Your cellar and fireplace are the perfect place to make your home décor shine.

      Each season, decorate your decorations with the appropriate colors, plants, decorative items and lights. For example, in the fall, you can dress your cellar with colorful autumn leaves, mini pumpkins and warm strip lights.

      In the winter, decorate your cellar with the remaining branches of the Christmas tree. Then, add the nutcracker, decorations, snowflake balls and flashing LED strips.

      Summer is the best time for wild palm trees, dahlias, beach decorations and vibrant pink lights.

      7. The party is like the 1980s!

      Nothing more than "fluorescent, laser and neon" can say "I like the 1980s."

      Use LED strips to create awesome neon lights, glowing wavy lines, 1980s-style lettering and Miami-style palm trees.

      Link your 1980s video collection case to your favorite retro poster with fluorescent lights. Return to the future with your favorite 80s lighting memorabilia, such as Lite-Brite and Firefly.

      In the 1980s, it was notorious for its sweet light performances. Install a projector at home to create your own projector! You can also add a disco ball to reflect your LED strips.

      8. Make your bathroom look new

      Earlier, you learned that a strip light can improve the safety of your bathroom. This is especially true for the elderly and young children.

      Although they improve safety, LED strips can also be used as bathroom decorations.

      You will often find strip lights in hotels, high-end restaurants, cinemas and other places. Why not put them in your own bathroom?

      LED strips around the bathroom mirror are a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a "vane" look.

      You can also install strip lights in bathroom cabinets, drawers and linen closets.

      9. Illuminate your kitchen

      Suffering from a kitchen without inspiration?

      Don't reshape it for the time being. Sometimes you only need new lighting to revive the kitchen.

      First install an adjustable lighting system, from bright to emotional lighting. Then, install a strip of light on the cabinet, counter, food room and on the ground.

      Make sure to install enough lighting around the main cooking area, especially the kitchen island. To make your island stand out during the party, use bright, colorful strip lights.

      A new array of lighting may be what you need to start cooking and re-entertaining in the kitchen.

      10. Bring the whole family together

      Do you have a study or family room at home? Re-energize high quality time with lighting decoration.

      Install illuminated LED strips on your home entertainment furniture. You can even create a "mini cinema" with a light walkway!

      Keep it fun and let everyone participate in the decor. This is the perfect place for children to decorate their hearts.

      Start decorating your home with a multi-function LED strip. Take advantage of all the options you can choose to create beautiful, glowing decorations.

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      May 21, 2019 12:49 AM MDT