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Security Considerations for Digital Signage

  • Security Considerations for Digital Signage

    Digital signage networks have witnessed rapid growth across multiple industries the past few years. Complex projects that require a number of disciplines, these networks task marketers with understanding a number
    of expert domains. Most notable among these is security. What questions need to be asked? How do the architectural designs of vendor platforms mitigate, eliminate or actually increase security risks?Get more news about Protocol Control Signages,you can vist our website!
    This insight outlines the core components of a digital signage network and the vast majority of security questions marketers should be aware of as they determine the security risks and requirements for a digital signage project.
    In simple terms, the standard architecture of a digital signage platform involves centralized management software sending digital media files and playout instructions to remote media players. While some vendors employ a managed, Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, others require their software installation on-premise. Likewise, some vendors use appliancebased systems, while others employ PC-based digital media devices.
    These architectural differences have an impact on the security questions required for a digital signage implementation:


    Physical security is frequently the most overlooked element in a security plan. Institutions spend millions on firewalls and intrusion detection systems, but often fail to implement physical safeguards to prevent
    unwanted access or information technology assets from simply being uprooted and carried out the door.
    Physical security describes any measures that prevent or deter intruders from accessing a facility, resource or information stored on physical or digital media. It can be as simple as a locked door or as elaborate as biometric authentication. Whether you are deciding on a SaaS or onpremise implementation for your digital signage network, physical security parameters need to be defined, assessed and implemented. In either case,
    there are two physical security profiles that need to be addressed for your digital signage network:

      July 27, 2022 9:16 PM MDT