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JPT Connector Repair Tool Kit

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      July 27, 2022 11:52 PM MDT
  • JPT Connector Repair Tool Kit

    Multiple Contact Point
    Crimping tool for wire connectors design features with precise ratchet structure and ergonomic handle. Make the crimp firm and tight. The quick release lever feature means that anyone can easily master it. It is a general purpose tool in wiring projects.Get more news about cjt connector,you can vist our website!
    This crimper will release automatically, applying the same amount of crimping force every time. Ratcheting action allows for precise, repeatable crimps and prevents over crimping that would damage wire and terminal. It also conveniently enables you to secure a wire connector in the die before inserting the stripped wire into the barrel.

    Adjustable Compression Wheel- Adjustable clamping force coupled with ratcheting mechanism enables precise, repeatable crimps. Compression wheel can be adjusted by removing screw. Twist right to tighten and left to loosen.Adjustable crimp height of star wheel,to ensure the right amount of crimping force.The star wheel to adjust the crimping force with (+) and (-) indicators. The minus (-) direction provides less crimping force, while the plus (+) direction increases the crimping force.


    ERGONOMIC HANDLES - These enlarged, non-slippery handles were designed to ensure strong and comfortable grip in any condition.No tools required. These dies are not compatible with the fixed die crimping tools.
    Many applications require a wire-to-board connector that is sub-miniature in size and offers design flexibility. JST's ZPD series wire-to-board, double row, crimp-style connectors have a 1.5 mm (.059") pitch and are molded in a RoHS-compliant 94V0 polyamide material. The polarized ZPD series housings incorporate secure locking devices to prevent accidental disconnection due to routing of wires or vibration. Available with 10 to 30 positions (increments of 2), the locking mechanism is designed to allow the user to press down easily and, while grasping the wire for stability, release the assembly from the mating header. Rated at 2 A AC/DC (using 24 AWG) at 100 V AC/DC, these low profile connectors have a side-entry height of only 9.2 mm (.228"). The series has an operating temperature range of -25° to +85°C, including temperature rise when applying an electrical current.

      July 27, 2022 11:40 PM MDT