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    RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Britain is seeking more than 47 medals in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, said Team GB chef de mission here on Monday.

    "We are here to make history. We think we have got the most talented team that's ever been to an away Games. It's the largest team we have taken away from home in

    over a quarter of a century," said Mark England on a news conference.

    Britain sent 366 athletes to the Rio Olympics, the third largest British squad to travel to an overseas Games, and the biggest since Barcelona in 1992.

    England said that Britain, which swept 47 medals in the 2008 Games, is able to surpass its Beijing tally.

    "We have a very strong team and I think we have a good chance of winning more than the 47 medals and bringing back a new generation of heroes," said England.

    "We have a strength in depth in terms of Olympic pedigree and understand what it's like to go away and compete."

    According to England, there are 65 British medal winners at London 2012 who will also be competing in Rio, from a total of 151 returning athletes.

    When asked whether Team GB's medal prospects have been enhanced by the absence of Russian athletes from track and field, England said: "We have not done any analysis as a result of Russia not being here. I think if we analyze Beijing (2008) and London (2012) it would be marginal. In some sports there may be more of a level playing field than it would have been and we welcome that." Enditem

    Recently Derek Carrier Youth Jersey , if you had asked me about Laikipia District, it would have been a nightmare to describe this vast plateau bourdering central Kenya Highlands and the north west of mount Kenya. It is difficult to ignore Laikipia today as one of the most favoured tourist destinations in kenya. Vacationing in Laikipia could be one of the most memorable and exiting experiences any family will always remember for a lifetime

    This Region is home to the worlds most endagered animal species including black Rhinos with a world population of two thouand animals, five hundred of which live in kenyas Laikipia District. Most of this Black Rhinos live on the 400 Square Kilometre Ol pajeta Ranch.

    The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Laikipia holds the vast majority of elephants with their spectacular migration from the Laikipia north to the Samburu Highlands during the rainy season. This heaviy guarded conservancy also holds one hundred black and white rhinos whose sight is spectacular to behold Ethan Westbrooks Youth Jersey , especially at night sitted around a campfire around animal watering holes. Elephants, Leopands, Zebras and Gazelles interract freely and its a sight to behold.

    The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy also supports half of the worlds remaining Grevy's Zebra. A species that has disappeared from its natural habitat in Ethiopia and Somalia. You could also be treated to the sight of African wild dogs which move in packs of ten to sometimes twenty or more. For the more adventurous families John Sullivan Youth Jersey , camel Safaris will come in hardy.

    The wildlife ranches around Laikipia District are one of the best kept secrets in Kenya today, with an all Inclusive Game drives and Visits to rhino sanctuaries. One need not worry about accommodation in Laikipia. There are various lodges, camps and stone cottages sorrounding this magnificient land as you enjoy all inclusive day and night game drives and entertainment around manmade animal waterholes.

    If you are looking for a romantic retreat Tyrunn Walker Youth Jersey , bringing the family on vacation, or traveling alone, Laikipia adventure awaits you as one of kenya's many wildife ranches.

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    Mwathe Jacqueline is a tour operator and has been organizing and reporting on Vacation Kayvon Webster Youth Jersey , Travel and Tours for years. For more information on Laikipia Travel Kenya, visit her site at Laikipia Travel Kenya

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