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  • salesforce marketing cloud email specialist certification practice test:- what's a Send Log (for Email) – and the way do you permit it what's Send Throttling and Pre-construct Burst Sending what's an Auto Suppression List Email Marketing Best Practices – 15% Recommended Trailhead modules and references: Trailhead: Marketing Cloud Basics Trailhead: Marketing Cloud Products Trailhead: Marketing Cloud Setup Trailhead: Marketing Cloud Administation Basics Trailhead: Email Studio Basics Trailhead: Email Marketing Strategies Trailhead: Email Deliverability Concepts Article: How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign Salesforcess Webinar Video: Marketing Cloud: Product Overview (Slides) Salesforcess Webinar Video: Marketing Cloud: Admin & Deliverability (Slides) Focus Areas: Marketing Cloud Products – apprehend the fundamental assessment of Marketing Cloud Products what are the capabilities of every of the Studios and Builders what's Marketing Cloud Connect gear in Marketing Cloud which you shall use for Email Marketing – like Email Studio, Automation Studio, Journey Builder, etc.

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      October 31, 2022 12:27 AM MDT