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Problems with ZLine range

  • We have a new ZLine 30" dual fuel range. It was installed late April 2020. The oven has not worked satisfactorily from the start. Customer service at ZLine suggested that I preheat the oven on the HIGH BAKE setting and then turn it down to LOW BAKE when I put the item in to bake. This did provide some resolution for a time, but it now seems to be back to the inaccuracy in temp we experienced at the beginning. It also is not an even bake - from front to back or side to side. The other concern is that even if their suggestion proves to be the "solution" ( turning it down to LOW BAKE when loading the oven ), that is not acceptable to me. I do alot of baking with my grandkids and often times it gets very busy here and we have forgotten to turn in down. I am so disappointed in ZLine at this point. In reading many other comments here on the houzz website, I am really concerned about what might be ahead with this product. We deliberately purchase ZLine because they are a small American manufacturer. Wondering if others have any thoughts on this or experiences with ZLine

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