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  • Check out our top 5 best bicycle mirrors for 2019. We offer a large selection of bike mirrors but few make it to our 'most recommended' list. These mirrors are ranked based on manufacturing quality, tolerances, price, stability, durability, weight, and customer feedback. With the increase in riders on streets and pathways – many of whom are riding e-bikes – the demand for quality mirrors that hold their position regardless of wind, weather conditions, or terrain is highest priority. Nothing is more frustrating than a mirror that is difficult to adjust and won't hold it's position! To get more news about ebike mirrors, you can visit official website.

    A longtime standard mirror for cyclists and bike manufacturers. The mirror fits into the end of the handlebar and is adjustable using the hex wrench included with the kit. The Mirror folds and is made of a highly shatterproof plastic. This mirror comes stock with several recumbent trikes, and entry-level bicycles.
    A foldable mirror with a larger extension which easily adjusts to the rider’s preferred position. Both mirror and the arm that sustains it are adjustable. Fastens securely inside the end of the handlebar. This mirror was the most popular choice for new e-bike riders up until 2018 when Busch and Muller introduced it’s new line of E-Bike specific mirrors.
    The premium rear view mirror series for bicycles. The CYCLE STAR 80 is the "big brother" of the CYCLE STAR. With a mirror diameter of 80mm, the Cycle Star 80 provides more than 75% of the entire field of vision. Can easily fold. When unfolded, the mirror automatically locks back into its previous position. Approved for mounting on a speed-pedelec e-bikes in Switzerland - one of the most strenuously tested products for e-bikes in Europe. The glass has a special shatter protection and is extremely adjustable. Especially sturdy when using the internal handlebar mounting made of aluminum (17,2 - 22mm). secure fitting on all kind of handle bars.
    Busch & Muller is one of the finest and oldest German Manufacturers for bicycle accessories. The company was originally founded in 1925 in the town of Meinerzhagen on the VolmestraÙe. Today the seat is located on a specially created site on the Bamberg, also in Meinerzhagen making high-end quality bicycle mirrors, lights, and accessories for the discerning cyclist.

    The 801 Mirror for E-Bikes plugs into the end of the handlebar and is tightened with an hex wrench. This is one of the most recognized and popular mirrors for speed pedelec e-bikes. The mount pivots on a vertical axis just outside of the handlebar, so that if you get too close to that bus, you know, that bus you're passing on the right and the driver turns into the bus stop? Yeah, that bus! Well, when you hit the bus (or vice versa) the mirror pivots effortlessly on that vertical axis and is far less likely to be damaged. You just swing it back into its normal position. It will just click into proper alignment. Pretty nifty.
    German-engineered, the Cycle Star E Bar-end premium rear view mirror series for bicycles is an exclusive model line by Busch and Muller. This new pentagonal CYCLE STAR shape offers an even larger reflecting surface. These mirrors are approved for speed e-bikes and use shatter proof glass, and stronger swivel and mounting hardware to withstand the higher wear-n-tear of e-bikes.

    The Busch and Muller Cycle Star E-Mirrors are designed with position-lock memory. When unfolded, the mirror automatically locks back into its previous position. The mirror can only mount into the handlebar-end. It is designed for handlebars with bar-end hole diameters between 17.2 to 22 mm. It can be installed for either straight or bent handlebars (maximum angle 45°).
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