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Angels News GM Perry Minasian Challenges

  • The Angels are getting set for an offseason of unknowns. With Arte Moreno's potential sale of the team, it could be easy to get lost in the chaos of the offseason.But Perry Minasian, the team's general manager, a sured fans it won't be a distraction."I know for a fact that this ownership is really Drew Stafford Jersey competitive," Minasian said. "They are committed to putting a winning team on the field, just like theyve always been."Minasian's job this offseason is not to get involved in the rumors. His job is to put a winning product on the field, so that's what he's going to focus on.But he Jansen Harkins Jersey knows where the problem has lied over the last couple years."The problem isnt financial," Minasian said. "A lot of money has been invested here over the years. Ive got to do a better job of building a roster."Scroll to ContinueThe team hasn Teemu Selanne Jersey 't played playoff baseball since 2014, and hasn't really been that close. Since Minasian took the job in 2020, the team is 150-174.In 2022, their bullpen ranked 18th in the league with a 3.95 ERA. They were also the sixth-worst bullpen in the league with 81 home runs allowed.As for the offense, their lineup ranked 24th in Tobias Enstrom Jersey the league with a .233 batting average.There's clearly a lot of room for improvement, and Minasian knowshe needs to do better this time around."Theres not a certain payroll number that will make you win or lose," Minasian said. "Its decision- making, and Ive got to make better decisions. Im well aware of that. Thats what we plan to do."It's nice to hear this kind of accountability from your Logan Stanley Jersey general manager. But none of it will matter unle s he's able to put the right pieces together that'll translate to a winning team. But at least Minasian is aware of where he's fallen short in the past.
      December 6, 2022 10:08 PM MST