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Tough Decisions Await the Indians Regard

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      January 16, 2023 9:03 AM MST
  • The Indians had the best offense in baseball in the month of May (at least when it comes to scoring runs), and they did it with a rash of outfield injuries to boot. Now as the calendar flips to June, the team is set to get some of their outfield MASH unit back, meaning some tough decisions lie ahead for Wade Boggs Jersey the Wahoos when it comes to roster spots and playing time. Weve already seen the return of Bradley Zimmer, and not all that far behind are Lonnie Chisenhall, Brandon Guyer and Tyler Naquin. The return of four players will for sure make it tough not only for some to find playing time, but Thurman Munson Jersey also there might have to be a surprise or two as to what players are either sent down or even sent packing. Two players that might not have a future with the team based on roster spots are Rajai Davis and Melky Cabrera, two vets who both might be wished well in future endeavors. Davis, who fought his way to a roster spot in the spring, is hitting just .217 Brian Roberts Jersey in 41 games, numbers that are hard to justify keeping around if he cant get it going at the plate.Scroll to Continue Cabrera hasnt had a big sample size at the Major League level, but in 13 games hes hitting .182 with no homers and eight RBI, with seven strikeouts in 44 at-bats. Youngster Greg Allen is going to be an interesting decision regarding his immediate future, as hes hitting .263 with one homer, three RBI and three steals, but since hes got options its an easier decision to send him back to AAA Columbus. Francona said he Randy Johnson Jersey s expecting both Guyer and Chisenhall to be back with the team Tuesday when they return home for a short two-game set agains the Brewers. Guyer is hitting just .150 this season with three homers and 10 RBI, but Francona loves what he can do against lefties and still seems to have a soft spot for him. As for Chisenhall, his inability to stay healthy is a major concern, and he played in just seven games before going down with the calf injury that has sidelined him ever since. If the team sends both Allen and New York Yankees Zimmer to AAA Columbus, it will likely mean they will have to make a decision to keep an extra outfielder, or send someone such as Davis or po sibly Cabrera packing. Expect a roster shakeup for the team Tuesday, and one that might not be all that popular with the fans as the team comes back home after a tough trip in Minnesota.
      December 6, 2022 10:14 PM MST