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    THE HAGUE , Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- The Dutch ruling parties VVD (Liberals) and PvdA (Labor) reached a deal Thursday on an adjusted new health care law and hope to have avoided a continuation of the political crisis.

    The unexpected government crisis arose on Tuesday after three PvdA members of the senate voted against health insurance reforms by VVD current Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers.

    Contrary to the situation in the Tweede Kamer, the house of representatives , the current VVDPvdA coalition government does not have a majority in the Eerste Kamer, the senate, with 30 of the 75 seats.

    Minister Schippers had reached a deal with the democrats (D66) and two Christian parties (CU, SGP) to support the new law. This would mean a majority of 38 of the 75 seats in the senate.

    But with three PvdA senators voting against the law Zapatillas Vans SK8 Hi Slim Console Doradas España , the narrow majority turned into a minority.

    To make new or adjusted rules and laws, the Dutch government needs a majority not only in the house of representatives, but also in the senate.

    "Appointments in a coalition should be fulfilled and in this case obviously something went very wrong," PM Rutte (VVD) said afterward.

    The law is crucial for VVD Minister Schippers and a cancellation would probably lead to her departure.

    According to several Dutch media Vans Classic Slip on Baratas Zapatillas Blancas , this could mean an early end to second cabinet of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, which started on Nov. 5, 2012.

    For Schippers the new health law was aimed at saving 1 billion euros (1.25 billion U.S. dollars). She hoped competition between the health care insurers would improve the quality of care and also make it cheaper.

    Under the new law, from 2016 Vans Sk8 Hi Reissue Leather Baratas Zapatillas Vans Blancas , people who can afford it would be able to choose their own doctors and healthcare providers, but people who choose a cheaper insurance will have to go to the choice of the insurers, who made agreements with doctors and healthcare providers.

    According to opponents of the law, that would give too much power to the insurers.

    After the failure of the law in the senate on Tuesday Zapatillas Vans Old Skool Classic Azules Blancas Baratas , the crisis talks started and continued on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Late on Thursday, Rutte sent a letter to the parliament in which he explained a new deal between the two ruling parties.

    In the letter Rutte said he is willing to adjust the law, based on two key points: to better ensure the existing freedom of choice among patients for doctors and healthcare providers and by achieving a better balance of power between the insured and health insurers.

    Rutte said he hopes the adjustments will be enough for the three PvdA "dissidents" in the senate to vote in favor this time. The government will now resubmit the bill for approval by the house of representatives and the senate.

    A majority in the house of representatives will not be a problem once again for this adjusted health care law. However, the leaders of the opposition parties D66 (Democrats) Zapatillas Vans Old Skool Grises Blancas España , CU and SGP (Christian Parties) already stated after negotiations Thursday that they do not yet agree with the new deal.

    This could mean the law would not get a majority again in the senate, even if the three PvdA senators vote in favor this time.

    Soon after Rutte's letter was sent, a debate started late Thursday in the parliament, on the situation Zapatillas Vans Old Skool Granate Baratas , the letter, and the adjusted health care law. The Dutch politicians may work night shifts just before the Christmas break.

    SYDNEY, Jan 5 (Xinhua) -- Australia's Great Barrier Reef will bleach more regularly as human induced climate change increases the frequency of mass coral bleaching events.

    The World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef suffered its worst mass bleaching event in early 2016 as El Nino-re-enforced warm water lifted sea surface temperatures some 0.73 degrees Celcius warmer than the 1961-1990 average, their warmest on Australia's weather bureau record. Some 90 percent of the GBR suffered bleaching, killing 20 percent of corals.

    "The El Nino, in combination with background global warming, led to record-warm sea surface temperatures around much of Australia during the first half of the year, including in the Coral Sea and to Australia's northwest, where widespread coral bleaching was observed," Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said in its annual climate report on Thursday.

    "The bleaching event in the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef was the worst on record, affecting some 1000 km of reef north of Lizard Island, while in Western Australia it was the third time a bleaching event has ever been recorded."

    It's likely to be an annual event within the next half century however, a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and University of Miami study projecting the future of coral reefs under climate change, published Thursday, shows. Reefs around Taiwan and the Bahamas will be the first to suffer the annual bleaching by 2043, with Bahrain, Chile and reefs in the Pacific to follow about a decade later.

    Should the Paris Climate Summit's aspirational pledge to limit global temperatures rises by two degrees Celsius be met, it would buy Australia areas of the Pacific and other low and high latitude reefs approximately 25 more years for conservation efforts, the study shows.

    "It is imperative that we take these predictions seriously and that, at the very minimum, we meet the targets of the Paris Agreement," UNEP chief Erik Solheim said in a statement.

    "Doing so will buy time for coral reefs and allow us to plan for the future and adapt to the present."

    Coral reefs are one of the most important and productive marine ecosystems that the world depends on for tourism and fisheries sustainability, generating an estimated 375 billion U.S. dollars for the global economy annually.

    Coral bleaching occurs when stress such as heat caused the animal to expel the symbiotic algae, loosing vital nutrients and energy reserves, thus col. Cheap France Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale England Jerseys   Wholesale Croatia Jerseys   Wholesale Colombia Jerseys   Wholesale Chile Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Brazil Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Belgium Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Argentina Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Wales Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale USA Womens Soccer Jerseys  

      May 9, 2018 7:24 PM MDT