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    导出博客文章Thierry Henry and Graeme Souness agreed it would be a mistake for Chelsea to let captain John Terry leave in the summer. Youth Blazers Jerseys . After saying last week that his contract will not be renewed, the 35-year-old told Sky Sports after the 1-1 draw with Manchester United on Sunday that he wants to stay, but there has not been any communication between himself and the club.Terry has been with Chelsea since the age of 14 and has racked up nearly 700 appearances after making his first-team debut in 1998. I dont understand how you can leave a man like that in the dark, said Henry on Super Sunday.How can you not sit with him and talk, say maybe we didnt find a deal for you yet, or lets see you again in a month. The way he is talking it sounds like there is no communication.As soon as he said what he did last week, Chelsea were quick to say we are open to discussions. I think whoever is dealing with the discussions didnt expect the reaction from the fans, but its the right one. He has to be here. The guys they buy are not going to have the same influence he is having. John Terry says there has been no recent dialogue with Chelsea about a new deal but he still hopes to stay His desire is there and he has been showing it for a long time. I cannot understand why you would keep that guy in the dark. You need him around. He has to stay.Even at the age of 35, Terry has been a regular for Chelsea this season, starting in 20 of their 25 Premier League matches.And Souness said: I cannot believe John Terry wont be with the club next year. I cant think of one reason why they wouldnt want him. It would be a mistake at every level if you get rid of John Terry. I cant think of one reason why they wouldnt want him Graeme Souness If its solely down to football reasons he has to be here. Hes a leader and he wants to be here. You can spend all the money you want and buy the very best centre-half out there but he is not going to come into the dressing room and have the same influence.He might give you the same on the pitch but he will not give you what John Terry gives you in the dressing room. He has a reputation and credibility, which has been built up over 15 years in the first team.That does not happen overnight when you go out and buy an expensive player; he has to earn his stripes. No matter how much he costs. It would be a mistake at every level if you get rid of John Terry. Chelsea fans showed their support for John Terry With Guus Hiddink in charge until the end of the season, it is not yet known who will be the next permanent manager of the club.But Souness thinks it could set a dangerous precedent if they let Terry leave.The people making the decisions have to take on board that Terry is probably the main man in the dressing room and the go-to guy, he said.If he is being treated shabbily and they are pulling the curtain down and saying thats it, we dont want to negotiate or speak to you, other people in the dressing room will think, they can do that to John Terry, it could be me next. Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink gives his reaction to the draw with Man Utd Its a very dangerous road to go down. If it is Johns time to go you have to let him exit with dignity and with his head held high. You cant just pull the curtain down on someone who was a main man at this club long before the present owner came here.The respect he has throughout the terraces and in the dressing room is enormous. John has life in him still, if you are a new manager you would want John Terry. Also See: Chelsea 1-1 Man Utd As it happened Hiddink: Zouma injury bad Chelsea fixtures Blazers Jerseys Outlet . 4 Villanova with a 96-68 drubbing on Monday. Wragge hit 9-of-14 from behind the arc, matching Kyle Korvers school record for 3-pointers in a game set in 2003, as Creighton (16-3, 6-1 Big East broke a conference record with 21 treys in the rout. Ed Davis Jersey . 4 Villanova with a 96-68 drubbing on Monday. Wragge hit 9-of-14 from behind the arc, matching Kyle Korvers school record for 3-pointers in a game set in 2003, as Creighton (16-3, 6-1 Big East broke a conference record with 21 treys in the rout. . But when it comes to determining if Raymond will find a place on the Leafs roster when training camp concludes in a week, well, that decision will ultimately fall to the head coach. American Alex Neeb Sunderhaft, who is 18 years old, became the first non-Korean to win a premier South Korean StarCraft II tournament in history early Monday morning by winning the KeSPA Cup. Neeb, a Protoss player, outlasted fifteen other pro-gamers over a six day campaign to take home the prestigious championship, sweeping his final opponent, Jin Airs Cho Trap Sung Ho in the final 4-0.Its been 16 years since a non-Korean has won on South Korean soil. Canadian Guillaume Grrrr... Patry won the Hanaro Ongamenet Starleague in 2000 over South Koreas Kang H.O.T-Forever Doh Gyung when they played StarCraft: Brood War. Neeb was two years old at the time.Current South Korean Starleague champions ByuN Hyun Woo and Kang Solar Min Soo both competed in the tournament, but failed to make it out of the group stages. Byun was in the same opening round group as Neeb and watched as the American upstart swept through the competition, beating two-time Starleague champion Joo Zest Sung Wook and reigning Proleague champion team member Lee Rogue Byung Ryul in perfect sets to move on to the quarterfinals.In the bracket stage, Neeb narrowly defeated Zerg player, Park Pet Nam Kyu, winning the series by a scoreline of 3-2 after almost getting eliminated from his opponents early-game atttacks. Wholesale Blazers Jerseys. The semifinals was another match against one of South Koreas best in Kim Stats Dae Yeob, and Neeb once again proved his strength in the Protoss versus Protoss matchup by taking the match 3-1.The finals versus Trap might have been the most one-sided series of the tournament for the American. Neeb dominated the first three games with his world-class macro and decision making before ultimately needing to make a comeback in the fourth map of the best-of-seven to clinch the series. As he exited his booth to grasp the silver chalice awaiting him, the fans in the South Korean studio were greeted to a sight theyd never witnessed before.After coming close but failing at the end of various international tournaments this year, Neebs first major tournament win also became one of the greatest in the history of a game that has changed the scope of competitive gaming for almost two decades.The KeSPA Cup was the final major tournament of the year before the world championship in Anaheim, California at BlizzCon 2016. Come November 4-5 and the World Championships, Neeb will attempt to make history once again, this time on home soil. Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys NFL China Cheap Jerseys 2019 NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys 2019 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale ' ' '
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