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Totti shared his expectations

  • The former striker of the Italian "Roma" Francesco Totti spoke about the upcoming Europa League final with Sevilla.

    I think Sevilla have more experience in these finals. They have competed in six finals and won all six. But sooner or later, if they are lucky, they will lose. Led by Mourinho, Roma have this fantastic opportunity. He is a coach with a lot of experience in such games, and he will accept the challenge in the best way to bring the team to the first place. This is reported by

    With a coach who has such a strong personality, everything is easier. Specialists like Mourinho are used to winning, so they can transfer this winning mentality to the team – and I think that's exactly what he does. The Europa League final match between Sevilla and Roma will take place on May 31.
      May 31, 2023 12:35 PM MDT