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    导出博客文章TORONTO -- First place in the Eastern Conference will be at stake Monday night when the suddenly struggling Cleveland Cavaliers play the surging Toronto Raptors. Jaylen Brown Jersey .The Cavaliers (13-5), who have lost three in a row, still lead the Raptors (14-6), who have won six straight, in winning percentage, .722 to .700.This will be the third of four meetings this season between the Eastern Conference finalists from last season and the second game at Air Canada Centre.The NBA champion Cavaliers have won the first two meetings this season -- 94-91 on Oct. 28 in Toronto and 121-117 on Nov. 15 in Cleveland. The fourth game will be played April 12 in Cleveland.We played them twice already and it came down to the wire, said Toronto guard DeMar DeRozan, who scored 21 points Saturday night in the 128-84 win over the Atlanta Hawks at ACC. Its fun when you go up against teams like that, so were looking forward to Monday.The Cavaliers did not play Saturday after losing to the Bulls in Chicago on Friday and to the Los Angeles Clippers at home on Thursday. The losses started Tuesday against the Bucks in Milwaukee.The Cavaliers were outrebounded in all three losses, allowing a combined 176 points in the paint.Forward LeBron James said the honeymoon after winning the NBA championship is over.Youve got to play the game the right way, James said. Youve got to battle every night like we aint won nothing. Last year is last year and, after ring night, its over with.Now its a new season and everybody is gunning for us every night and we have to understand that. The honeymoon stage is over and its time to play some real ball and be physical, especially in the trenches. Giving up 78 points (in the paint on Friday) is ridiculous. Weve got to man up. Everybody.James has made a total of 20 turnovers himself in the past three games, including eight on Friday in nearly 45 minutes. He scored 27 points and distributed 13 assists against the Bulls. He has at least 13 assists in a game six times this season.James played so much from necessity.Right now, were using LeBron way too much, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said. When we have games like (Friday) and were not clicking on all cylinders and he has basically to make every play -- Kyrie (Irving) wasnt on his game (Friday) like he usually is -- LeBron had the ball in his hands as much as he did, thats what we had (to do) to try to win the game.The Cavaliers faltering bench is expected to receive some help Monday when guard/forward Mike Dunleavy returns after missing the previous two games under concussion protocol.The shooter was injured Tuesday in Milwaukee but showed no signs of a concussion until Thursday.Defense, however, is the key. Ive got to come up with some better schemes or something, Lue said. Its not just schemes, its better one-on-one defense.The Raptors are coming off the largest winning margin (44 points) in franchise history after outscoring the Hawks 42-14 in the fourth quarter on Saturday.The Raptors have been facing a string of teams that are either struggling or without key players, or both.Kyle Lowry, who scored 17 points and added eight assists and eight rebounds on Saturday, was asked if the game against the Cavaliers would provide a test for the Raptors.I dont think its a test, the point guard said. You all asked me that the first game of the season that we played them. I think its just another regular-season game for us and a team that we always want to be better than. But we want to be better than every team in the NBA at the end of the day.The Cavaliers are 4-3 on the road this season and the Raptors are 8-3 at home.James averaged 24.5 points, .548 shooting (17 of 31), 8.5 rebounds and 10.5 assists in the first two games against the Raptors. Greg Monroe Jersey . Patrice Bergeron and Daniel Paille scored 20 seconds apart a few minutes after Stamkos was taken off the ice on a stretcher with a broken right leg, and the Bruins beat the Lightning 3-0 on Monday afternoon. Walter Brown Jersey . 10 VCU 85-67 on Thursday night at the Puerto Rico Tip-Off. The Seminoles (4-0) have scored at least 80 points in each of their games. . Team physician Dr. Steve Traina performed the surgery Friday. Robinson was injured in a spill underneath the Nuggets basket during the first quarter of Wednesday nights loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. In November, espnWs weekly essay series will focus on giving.The September leaves had just begun to transition from chlorophyll-filled green to translucent yellow. I was sitting in my Brooklyn apartment in 2014 chatting with my dad, a die-hard Ravens fan.The conversation took an awkward turn to the topic of running back Ray Rice, who had been caught on video dragging his unconscious then-fiancé Janay Palmer out of a Las Vegas hotel elevator.The NFL had done a poor job of handling the domestic abuse from the jump, but once the video was made public for the world to see, the league decided to part ways with Rice.This felt wrong to my father.It was the first time Id yelled at him for what I considered victim blaming. He did not condone the act, but the language he used certainly would make any feminists head spin.In that moment I thought: If seemingly kind and good and smart men like my father didnt understand domestic abuse or misogyny, we were at a loss of ever reaching the men who arent good.Almost two years after the Rice incident, former NFL star Darren Sharper was sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping half a dozen women. No bold statements from the NFL. No condemnation from his colleagues. It was just quiet.He was even nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, only to receive not a single vote from the selection committee.Still.I was done with the NFL.NFL players wives and girlfriends were suffering at the hands of its men. Physical and sexual assault was handled abysmally by the league, with no sign of an organization that was moving toward actually caring about women.Then along came Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy.Levy stands at 6-foot-1. His smooth, latte-colored face is adorned by a thick beard that looks like it holds the keys to black boy magic. By all measures, he is a unicorn in an industry that has a lot of reckoning to do with how it supports and rewards violent men.Only 29 years young, he is wise. He has done the work to unlearn misogyny and become aware of its perils. This is a man who uses the term hyper-masculinity in interviews. For a football player, this makes you wonder if the Mayans prediction of the world ending is lurking around the corner.Levy has charged his fellow athletes with the task of speaking up on the dehumanization of women. His Man Up piece for The Players Tribune in April makkes it clear what consent is and what its not. Robert Parish Jersey. He thinks the NFL should do more about domestic violence awareness.In one of his most remarkable acts of human decency, Levy is donating money to have 11,000 rape kits that were found in a warehouse, abandoned by prosecutors, tested.His stance is clear: Dismissing a description of sexual assault as locker-room talk is a mistake.Wherever the NFL found this man, the league is lucky to have him.Im not in the business of handing out fresh-baked cookies to men for being decent human beings. But acknowledgement is due. Few professional athletes have this level of understanding about misogyny, so this feels magical. It feels like a win for all the work we black feminists have been doing.To preserve my sanity, Ive given up the idea of educating men who dont get it. More than changing minds, as wed hope educating men would do, it brings harassment.Ive been called everything from a Negro bed wench to a b---- for calling men out on their sexism. Discussing rape culture, consent and violence against women has been mostly futile.Remember, I yelled at my own dad over sexism. Levy restored a tiny piece of optimism in me about men -- athletes too -- being able to unlearn the toxicity of patriarchy. His commitment to issues that are typically cast to the side for women to fix alone is a reminder that the work we do is not in vain.Ill remind myself of Levys awakening when I grow weary and think, Whats the point? Because slow change is still change.Being a black feminist deeply committed to the black community and womens rights has been discouraging. Enraging. Even hopeless. Like I said, sometimes I think men will never get it.Levy is proof that they can, though. And while my willingness to teach men is reserved only for the men I care about, I now have a little more faith that they will in turn teach other men. Levy gave me hope that all who wander are not lost. And being lost doesnt mean one has to stay there.Bené Viera is a Brooklyn-based journalist who writes about culture, race and gender. Her work has appeared in GQ, Vulture, ESSENCE, Cosmopolitan, VIBE, Glamour and ELLE. When shes not writing shes stanning for Nas. Follow her on Twitter at @beneviera. Youth NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap NFL Womens Jerseys Youth NFL Jerseys Wholesale Youth NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap NFL Black Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China ' ' '
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