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Although I'll admit that I've never been a farmer

  • November 10, 2021
    Although I'll admit that I've never been a farmer, I am determined to OSRS Gold improve my stats by at minimum 40or more. It is time to increase the amount of seeds I collect. I've been collecting seeds since I got the skill, but I was certain that someday I'd be able to increase it. I was wondering if anybody could inform me what level of farming these seeds would bring me to. The level I am at now

    Well, i have a few questions about being a member, some of them seem rather odd, but its not like i'm going to spend days reading through all the member information and i dont have time or the resources that i don't, but i diverge. I will make it simple for you to come back every day. Simple, concise answers are greatly appreciated.

    What is the best dragon dagger? How long will the poison last? Which quests (10) should I complete first? How important should my f2p abilities be before becoming a mem? Where is the best training? (60 att 60 att, 62 str, 50 def 40 range 28 mage atm) What is the most effective method to earn money? (i already have a basic understanding of cannonballs and intend to do that for a long time) How much money should I earn before I can become mem? (Have at minimum 1.4m atm.

    Granite is it worth the effort? Is fletching worthwhile? How can I learn how to herboil (guide did not help much) ;) - please, easy. What's the most efficient way to start construction so I can construct my home? Is hunting really that easy? How easy is it to travel? If I were to attack the tree spirit in the Lost City quest, what do i need to bring? What is the price of Buy OSRS Accounts glory ammys cost? Are whip prices increasing or decreasing?