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Another way to make runes is through Abyss

  • January 10, 2022
    Another way to make runes is through Abyss. If you have completed on OSRS Gold Level 1 Enter The Abyss miniquest you can now make use of it and craft Nature Runes and , if not, you'll have to go through that to use this method. Begin by equipping amulet of glamour, then grabbing all of your Rune packs and your essences.

    Explore the wilderness north of Edgeville to find Mage of Zamorak by talking to the Dark Mage and teleporting to Abyss. In Abyss, you'll start being skulled, which means that if you die you will lose everything. Use one of the tunnels to go from the outer ring to the inner ring. You'll have to do something to unblock obstacles like mining rocks (which requires mining level) or cutting through woods which block the way so be sure to carry a pickaxe or an axe.

    Once you're done with that , head to this Nature Altar portal and make runes on the altar. Utilize Amulets of Glory to teleport back into Edgeville bank and repeat the process. Be aware that the majority of this is performed in Wilderness and you could be assaulted by other players.

    It's worth the risk to lose it to get your Graceful Outfit since it can be easily recovered, but it doesn't carry anything more valuable with you. Even though crafting Nature runes requires only 44 Runecrafting it is most profitable from 91 when you can create two Nature Runes. At this level you should expect to earn around 20k exp and 800k gold an hour.

    In the future, you may choose to Law instead of Death Altar craft those at the Abyss. These Runes can be crafted similarly to Buy RS Gold Nature ones but generally aren't as effective.