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Are you sure that you've not had the pleasure

  • January 27, 2022
    Your video game legacy dates back to 1989 when you became the mainstay in Mut 22 coins the Tecmo Bowl. Tecmo Bowl. What was it like watching yourself as a virtual person back then?

    I'm still envisioning myself still in Tecmo Bowl. I still have my video games. I've got the machine that I can play the game on. But it's in a box in storage. It's iconic. It really feels good to know knowing that I've heard grown men in their 40s who say, 'Hey, my cousin and I were involved in the biggest battle of our lives because we each wanted to be in Tecmo Bowl when we were young. Therefore, our parents took the game, and my dad put the game in his tool cabinet. It was not playable for a whole month since the fighting was intense.' I hear that frequently. When I attend the sports memorabilia exhibitions, there are people who come up with the video game. They'll tell you, "I've owned the device to play it on. My kids play it. My grandkids are fans ... as does everyone remains in a heated debate over who is going to become Bo Jackson.' Tecmo Bowl ... that was a lot of tech back then. You look at it now and think, 'Wow this is an old fashioned.'

    I have not played Tecmo Bowl. That's the God's honest truth. I've seen people playing the game a lot. But I knew what I could do. I knew about what Tecmo Bowl man could do. It's great hearing people compliment me on the field from that game.

    The first part of your videogame return to Madden includes celebrating Nike's iconic Bo Knows campaign. Bring us back to beginning. What was the way Bo Knows presented the concept that Bo Knows was the name of Bo Knows to you?

    We found Bo Knows accidentally. Directors, writers, sketchers -- all of us were sat with cheap Madden 22 coins a storyboard to shoot our next project. We wanted to cut the story down as it was quite long. Everybody was giving their opinion about this or this. I was like, "Why can't we do this? ... How don't we move this over here, and put this there, then combine it, and cut out about 5 or 6 minutes?' Then they glanced at me , and they said 'Wow. It's likely to work.' Then somebody across the table looked to me and said "Bo Knows!' And it stuck. There was no one who sat and washed their heads or stayed up all night trying to think of the catchy phrase. It was just a matter of sitting around the table at war, discussing shootings.