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You've heard this already explained to you

  • February 24, 2022
    You've heard this already explained to you. A street value is the price at which a buyer is prepared to purchase an item. In essence, the GE price is an automatic way to record transactions and RS Gold then update the price accordingly. Why do you think the GE prices fluctuate? Because people purchase and sell at market prices via the GE and it adjusts the price to match that.

    Since I returned to RS in the last few months when I finally joined, I've noticed a huge amount of players (mainly in the GEx) soliciting money. In my experience, I've never had more than $5000 to my name. I've never really needed more than that and I've never actually set out to make money.

    But, whenever I've had to buy something expensive I've worked extremely hard to make the money needed. I'd never think about begging people for money but I've seen numerous players asking for numbers as high as 1000, 500K or 1 million. I was just wondering if people actually give money to these players? Does it pay dividends for these beggars?

    If it is, then it's demoralizing to a player such as me, who, whenever I require money, invests efforts and time into earning it. There is nothing wrong with some lumby. Many old player makes levels 3 accounts to plead. Just to let you know... When I first started my account... I was provided with around 250K in cash and items... Well it was a couple of weeks ago. The next weekend, I'll have around 10 million. Why? Because I merched with the money. The money will prove to be beneficial. There is one rule. Never ever beg. I've never begged to get it, but I was given by a random person. If you come across someone who's new, and you're certain that they're new, you may decide to help them out.

    People also offer money to others in the hope that OSRS Accounts these players may get wealthy and will then be able to repay or become best friends and offer them 10 million in place of 100K. Many of these "beggars" really are at high amounts of money who earn this and then transfer the money to ensure they never receive it back. Sometimes, they are lucky and meet new people , who give them a great deal back.