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I didn't buy the premier membership this year

  • March 6, 2022
    What do you guys think? I'd personally get the Ascension(s) however, I always pick the better gear when questions like yours get asked. I'm biased as fk when it comes to items due to RuneScape Gold the kind of RuneScape player I am.

    I didn't buy the premier membership this year because I felt it was unimportant. It's great to get the extra each day Treasure Hunter key sure but the rest of it is nothing to shout about and everything else is mediocre. If they were able to make it so that you could select the color of your star, maybe, but they didn't and I'm not really a fan of blue stars. Also, I was not thinking of using the special worlds that members who have premier membership enjoy. I strictly use W71 and.

    Barrows gear is good, but if you die it will degrade the item to zero and repairing becomes expensive. I'd recommend looking into Dragonrider gear. It's a hybrid (meaning you are able to use it while learning three different combat styles) and the whole set includes a prayer reward in the form of +46 or more.

    The Elder Kiln provides you with the TokkulZo ring, which is capable of teleporting you straight to a bank , and a fairy the ring. If you complete Fairy Tale part 3 and The Elder Kiln, you can reach most places in RuneScape within seconds. I'd say finish Shilo Village and go to Duradel. If you reach 75 slayer then head for Kuradal to the Ancient Cavern, and then continue to Morvran for your final few levels.

    As for herbs, I believe RuneScape Wiki has a spreadsheet which lists the best herbs to currently apply to. In general, snapdragons and toadflax and ranarr are safe choices. I suggest you focus on Slayer at the moment and Cheap RS 2007 Gold it's profitable (more than other types at higher levels but still lucrative) and you'll train the majority of your skills while killing.