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investment strategies

  • bitka titka
    March 12, 2021
    Types of investment strategies may differ from each other depending on what type of investment the investor is engaged in, and most importantly, what goals he pursues.
    Here you will find many investment strategies
    The main strategies used by investors who conduct investment activities in the field of finance:
    aggressive strategy-always aimed at obtaining the maximum level of profit in the minimum time intervals
    conservative strategy does not set itself the goal of quick enrichment, but on the contrary, its main task will be to maintain the volume of assets at the current level (security)
    a moderate strategy, all other things being equal, is aimed at both maintaining and moderate growth of the investor's investment capital.
    You need to understand that the reason for choosing an investor in favor of financial investments is high levels of profitability. This is their main task.
    In a situation where the company's management team gives priority to technical and technological development, increasing the production area, increasing the quantity and quality of products, it is advisable to use direct investment. In this case, the investment strategy will have the following characteristics:
    enhanced growth (used by companies that use innovations in production and management in the development of their own business)
    inertial growth (suitable for closing a project, bankruptcy, or liquidation of an enterprise)
    limited growth (use enterprises that occupy a leading and stable position in the market, or companies that are limited in resources)
    combined strategy (suitable for very large organizations with many structural divisions and departments, each of which has its own investment strategy developed).
  • May 8, 2021
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  • bitka titka
    June 14, 2022
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