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You can opt to make players drop their items

  • Wei weismart
    May 19, 2021
    The clerks will those keeping the store, repairing cracks in the ceiling, stocking supplies and money. The workers will be out on the front lines getting materials for the shop. Logs, Ore, Bars, Runes etc.. The owner will then buy the items from the buy RS gold employees, who are officially part of the buisness. Accountants are the ones who take money to the bank, calculate daily income and provide revenue during certain intervals in time. They're also the financial advisors to the Owners. The Owner of this buisness can shoot any employee at any moment. Merely to make it even more clear... The 3k trading limitation every 15 minutes DOES APPLY IN POS! As always, Constructive Critisism is obviously welcomed.

    Certian Ability Capes For Freeplayers. You may be woundering what I mean with this. I beileve that freeplayers must have acess to some of the 9 (or so) skillcapes held by any of the skill masters. Obtaining level 99 of almost any ability is, undoubtedly, and very tedious task, however, totally free players also have a tough time (and in certian cases have it a bit tougher than members, due to a few of the very best coaching methods being members only).

    Though it is very hard to get freeplayers (and associates for that matter), it can still be done, and that I beileve any freeplayer who manages to perform this ought to be rewarded just like anyyone. A few points of why this might be a fantastic idea: It does not influence members (or anyone not interested in acheiving lvl.99 in anything) in any serious way.

    Its a small upgrade, which makes it effortless for Jagex to complete (when this comes into effect, which is,) It supplies a benefit for getting lvl99 at a skill to anybody, possibly making that person motivated to keep going. It allows the majority of the skillcapes members only, making ability capes still be semi-member. If anybody has some comments on what I've mentioned here, please tell me. I'd like to discover a way to inquire Jagex about this, but I am not a part. If there aren't any members who agree with me (or see my point on this topic) It'd be greatly apreciated if you could tell Jagex about this. Thanks for reading everyone.

    You can opt to make players drop their items when they expire. We mustn't let players misuse this minigame to get transfering items to each other, so others will not have to collect the loot, but it'll make the conflicts a reasonable bit more insecure. If you are in a very rich clan that does not mind risking its great armour, you may use this to provide yourselves an advantage over clans that dare not fight in anything expensive.

    However, what's the purpose of falling items if the other side cannot accumulate the armour, so, I've got a little proposal. When one clan challenges another clan, they must first cover 1/2 of the purchase price of the armour they are bringing in, however, when you die, each item has a 1/5 chance of being destroyed. The"kettle" or the lump sum that is accumulated from cheap RS gold the side is distributed accordingly.